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Zoom series for Nautica: Flexibility meets free-spirited

Everyone likes and enjoys freedom. Nautica is such a brand that advocates marine life and conveys unrestrainedness. Lipal is honored to participate in this journey full of natural colors, vitality, adventure, vitality, and classics as a lighting supplier in the newly opened store.

Lipal lighting supplier for Nautica

In conjunction with the Less is more concept and the overall image of the Nautica shop in white and grey, the Zoom collection is no longer limited to the usual sandy white and sandy black, but we have chosen a specially customized gray to present the consistency of Nautica store space better. And it highlights the blue line design full of summer feeling simultaneous. This is Lipal’s consistent definition of lamps and lighting, which adds color to the product but does not attract extra attention.

Lipal lighting supplier for Nautica retail


What kind of light is the Zoom?

The Zoom range is named after its zoomable function. As the new main product range of Lipal for 2022, Zoom is not comparable to any other luminaire on the market with the same function but has the following great features:

  • A full range of power options: the entire Zoom range is available in 5 dimensions. It covers 6-30W of power, with the smallest size, 6W, the embodiment of excellence in construction and chip selection. Lipal Zoom Range 1
  • More reasonable zoom adjust structure: most zoomable lights on the market today have a hand-tightening O-ring structure, the disadvantage of which is that the fixture is not easy to install or angle adjustment; Lipal’s Zoom uses a smoother drag-and-drop design in its structure, solving these two problems. 15 55 degree zoomable lipal
  • Materials: the Zoomable track series has an additional function of angle adjustment compared to the ordinary track light, so the choice of materials is more demanding; if ordinary materials are used, the temperature of the luminaire itself after a long period of use may cause the adjustment to becoming more and more complex, so Lipal uses high-temperature resistant materials to avoid that. Lipal zoom 15 55 degree adjustable
  • Skillful Product Finish: the lighting fixture is not a work of art, but Lipal is always thinking about how to make the lights more refined; this concept is reflected in the Zoom by opening the mold ourselves and repairing the mold over and over again, The problems that may be encountered in the process are improved, and the operation of the Zoom series is now beyond the reach of ordinary zoom adjustable track light.
  • Optics: We have made many corrections to the lenses to ensure high-quality light output. The Zoom range also supports the flexibility to add accessories such as Honeycomb and Striped acrylic lenses.

easy angle adjust lipal zoomable

As an OEM luminaire manufacturer, the Zoom range has different configurations of chips and drivers for different scenarios and budgets, just like any other luminaire we manufacture.

And if you need a similar regular track light range, we also have the SuperThin range in the same shape form, just without the zoomable feature; this is Lipal’s understanding and extension of the lighting.

And our exploration and extension will never stop. You can see the same light head and zoomable structure in our Multisystem,  with a magnetic design for the track head.

Both customized and regular lighting products are what we specialize in; contact Lipal’s lighting experts today and try out more lighting possibilities together!

Lipal Zoom Range in Multisystem magentic light


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