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How important is retail lighting?

Challenges faced by retailers around the world:

How to attract customers into their stores?

How to make customers stay longer in the store?

How can they make customers more willing to shop and thus increase the revenue of a single store?

Retail Lighting Could Be The Best Possible Thing Happens
to Your Store


Compared to store design decoration, a significant yet often underestimated factor in the retail industry is proper lighting. Lighting can make or break the first impression of your business.
While light is often only perceived subconsciously by the customer, it affects their mood and desire to buy. More appropriate lighting can highlight products and thus also influence buying behavior. Lighting has therefore become an essential part of the shopping experience. A modern, future-proof retail lighting solution and related lighting products are necessary to appeal to the retail sector.

Different customers have different emotional responses to light. Different target pre-customer groups have different reactions to different lighting scenes. Customers have additional vibrant touches to other lighting scenes in retail terminals, and lighting solutions can influence customers’ shopping behavior.

Lipal Retail Lighting Recommendation

Lighting For Clothing Stores

The lighting for clothing brands is often based on the positioning of the brand and the color scheme of the season’s leading products to make an overall lighting solution. For the hanger display area, clothing display area, and model area need general harmonious but differentiated lighting to express. As the last key step before the realization of sales, the illumination of the fitting room is another essential part; Lipal is committed to helping customers to improve their sales by perfecting all details.
Use accent lighting to highlight specific displays or items in windows and stores. Accent lighting can be Lipal’s recessed downlight or track spotlight.
The lighting needs to be as close to natural light as possible so that the colors of the clothing appear genuine and the details are visible.
It is essential to check from all angles to ensure that the light does not hit the customer’s eyes.
Rember to choose bright lighting for your entrances and non-display areas, such as locker rooms and checkouts.

Clothing Store lighting in Lipal

Lighting For Cosmetics Stores

In the field of cosmetics and beauty store, the most significant advantage of offline stores and online shopping is the try-on part before confirming the order, which will largely determine the final sales. Besides the overall lighting solution to highlight the product and enhance the customers’ experience, Lipal introduces unique spectral modulation technology in terms of lighting, significantly improving the color rendering problem of current LED light sources on customers’ skin.
By intelligently adjusting the lighting effect according to skin tone, it can significantly improve the visual impact of skin tone and, at the same time, has great reference value for choosing the right cosmetics.
For the whole store area, you can use Lipal’s downlights, track lights, new panel lights, spotlight. In contrast, you also need to match Lipal’s professional cabinet display lighting series for specific areas such as display cabinets to display delicate products. Lighting could be with a small size or dimmable ones.
Cosmetic stores better take high CRI, such as CRI90 LED light or CRI98 LED lights; we develop a higher CRI, close to the natural light of the try-on area lighting, making brick and mortar stores the first choice for customers shopping.


Lighting For Jewelry&Watch Stores

Proper lighting is essential to the success of your jewelry and watch store. Without the appropriate lighting, your display cases will look dull, and your store will not be attractive enough to guide your customers’ desire to shop.
A low color temperature does not show the quality and value of the product, both for diamonds and silver jewelry. Hence, a higher color temperature of 6000K makes the diamonds look more transparent and dazzling, showing silver jewelry’s flawless and noble appearance.
For lighting fixtures in jewelry and luxury watch stores, the recessed lighting series could be the best choice for the overall lighting in the store.
Lipal’s lighting allows you to display jewelry & watch in the best light possible, both inside and outside the showcase.
And for the most important area – the product display area, Lipal has a full range of showcase lighting series used in the cabinets as part of display lighting to present the highlights of the products, including pole spotlights, fixed spotlights, small track lights, and display mini linear series.
Our Ultra-thin display lightings range provides the light projection needed to correctly display watches, jewelry, and boutique products that catch the eye of your customers, drawing the customer’s eye and making your jewelry and watches look fantastic and irresistible. Thus helping you to increase your sales.

Retail Lighting Ultimate FAQ

There are different types of lighting and many ways that can be used in a retail shop to find out how to illuminate the products. Also, it's unnecessary to limit yourself to only one type of lighting - many retail stores can achieve great results by mixing and matching different types of lighting throughout the store.

3000K, 4000K, and 5000K can be the best choices, but also depending on where the luminaire is installed, for example at the entrance, a higher colour temperature can be a good guide for customers to enter the shop.

It is best to have a Ra>90, as this gives a better reproduction of the product's actual color, especially in high-end brands and jewelry stores. Most of Lepai's products are available with a Ra>90.

Of course, Lipal knows the importance of the right lighting for shelf and display props, all our showcase lights are customizable, we can customize the size, color and change the installation method according to the final installation requirements of the shelf/showcase/dispaly window, etc. Talk to our sales staff now!

Lipal has worked with numerous top brands and designers and we have taken their requirements into account in our product development.

We produce a wide range of showcase lighting with quick-plug, easy installation, flexible angle adjustment, the direction of illumination, and zoomable.

The lighting needs to be more layered and aesthetically pleasing, not just bright enough, but also less intrusive while enhancing attention, with different lighting and illumination for different products, and able to change with changes in shelves and products.

We produce a full range of display lights, whether it's vertical pole lights, very thin linear lights for installation in display cabinets, mini spot, and grille lights, as well as magnetic lights for quick installation, you'll see more at Lipal, feel free to talk to us to develop the light you need.

Display lighting creates visual interest and draws customers’ eyes to the display items that are illuminated with more intensity. Notable for jewelry and crystal watches.

We produce a full range of display lights, whether it's vertical pole lights, very thin linear lights for installation in display cabinets, mini spot and grille lights, as well as magnetic lights for quick installation, you'll see more at Lipal, feel free to talk to us to develop the light you need.

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