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More Than Your Average Lighting Manufacture

10000+ lighting projects drive us to develop more applicable fixtures

With 19 years of experience in the lighting industry, Lipal understands how it works, and how to make it better.

Started with track lights and lighting projects in 2003. Located in the top lighting city-Zhongshan, we have a complete and mature supply chain and take this advantage to produce & export more competitive products. Now you can find Lipal-manufactured products in 96% of the world’s markets.

As of January 1, 2022, LIPAL will be a fully-owned subsidiary of Ensign Shanghai, a reputable and skilled integrated service provider in both retail and architectural lighting, providing our customers with more solid support through a more developed and extensive industrial chain.

With Lipal, we comprehend not only how the product is made, but also how crucial effective lighting is to the success of business areas.

We are able to meet your needs for the import and wholesale of commercial lighting products, product development, customized lighting projects, OEM, and much more.

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Lighting project experience

The distinction in lighting knowledge stems from the ability to see the essence of the lighting industry demand.

And the ability to see the essence is the result of countless hours of effort as well as the ability to think.

If you ask any light factory in Zhongshan, “Why do you make this product?” they will tell you. “Because it sells well,” most likely.

If you ask why does it sell well? Only a few people can answer.

Lipal is one of the few. We make lamps not just because they look good or sell well

The deep reason why a lighting fixture is sold well is that the market and end customers need such one, and we have more than 1000 commercial lighting projects experience.

We know what kind of lighting is needed by the market. Lipal doesn’t follow the market and produces that seem to sell well, we lead in front.

We create and produce well-selling lighting. Because we know how it works, we know the way that lights needed to be presented

If you place an order because you see one product sells well on market, then you belong 80%. The 20% is who makes this product so successful and market-leading.

You can also make money by following hot-selling products, but the market quickly becomes more competitive in terms of price.

Why not join us and be the one who creates the hot-selling product now?


Company History

From 2021

Started with A track light

Our founder and CEO Mr. Sky Guo opened his very first lighting shop in ShangHai

Lipal officially established in Shanghai

Step in the commercial lighting solutions business

Lipal was named Skylight

Set up lighting fixture factory in Henglan, Zhongshan

Lipal brand registered in Shanghai, factory move to XiaoLan, Zhongshan

A strong team was formed with extensive experience in both lighting design and lighting product manufacturing.

Explore more lighting possibilities with the world's brands

Elite partner of Philips, Osram Channel light source and electronic products, Excellent partners including GE, CITIZEN, TRIDONIC, CREE ECT.

Comprehensive brand image upgrade

Lipal becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ensign, and the brand image is fully upgraded.

Green Factory

Lipal has placed photovoltaic power generation on the roofs of two buildings on its own property, and we have established ourselves as a reliable green manufacturer for more brands and designers.

New Bulding and Showroom

Lipal’s brand new production building was completed, a new factory showroom was built, and we welcome customers from all over the world to visit us on-site/online.


Stronger support our customers with a more mature and comprehensive industrial chain.


Our Factory

In 2011, Lipal expanded its team and moved to its current 15,000 m² factory; later we bought the building and land in order to guarantee the stability of our production. Also, it’s our strength to allow our customers who can’t visit us from abroad to work with us without fear.
Here we have our lightings production lines, lightings raw material warehouse, finished goods warehouse, we have a good size, though 10 cluttered production lines are not as good as 5 well-organized, well-arranged production lines.

We don’t just want to be big, we want to make sure that every order is scientifically scheduled.
From the moment you place an order, our PMC, production department has already started the first step of rational planning.

The raw material warehouse allows us to have a wider variety of raw materials and a quicker response time, which also allows us to give our customers shorter delivery time bothe for lighting samples and bulk orders.

After aging, quality control, and packing, the finished lighting products enter the warehouse to wait for the customer’s shipping notice.
Of course, if you have other goods from other suppliers, you can also send them to our factory and we will organize the shipment for you.


Our exhibitions

Since 2013, we have participated in nearly 20 domestic and international Lighting exhibitions.
We keep bringing new products such as wall lights, downlights, LED track lights to the market and customers. It is worth mentioning that we are the first Chinese manufacturer to exhibit and mass-produce the Magnetic lighting system, which is very popular in the market now.
We also appreciate the inspiration from our customers worldwide, which makes a more virtuous cycle between the production and the demand of our lamps.

Invite us to your market or make an even better show with our products!


Lab equipment

The function, design and packaging of the lighting fixtures are all important but far less important than the proper technical parameters.
Lipal has professional lighting lab and kinds of testing equipment, rigorous pre-shipment lighting inspection, and lighting test for both samples and mass production orders can better ensure the function and performance issues of the lighting products.

Lighting testing can also help customers ensure that the luminaire meets LED lighting safety standards and international regulations, which can help customers avoid many issues.

Lipal lighting lab
Lipal lighting test equipments


Qualifications and Certificates

While lighting has become an integral part of the design, safety comes first in every action.
At Lipal, our products are being certified by an increasing number of markets to ensure the lighting fixture’s quality, performance, and safety.
Please get in touch with us for more detailed certification information. If you wish to distribute our commercial lighting products in your local market, we can do many more things together.



At Lipal, we don’t produce any random lighting product just because it sells well.

We design commercial lighting, develop solutions, manufacture and upgrade lighting according to the needs of end markets and customers.
We have numerous successful cases in the retail lighting field, having developed and upgraded lighting for flagship stores of Sephora, Armani, BMW, etc.
We manufacture and export products that are proven, upgraded, more suitable, and more professional for the end store and lighting space in the market.
We are still doing this lighting development and production every day, so feel free to talk to us about any new brands, new cases, and new lighting needs you may have!

01/ How do we make it

Lipal lighting custom made side mounted track lights

1. Understand the needs and ideas of customers
2. Lipal provides our designer‘s lighting concept manuscript
3. Communicate with customers according to the manuscript
4. Sampling according to the drawings
5. Lighting simulation scene trial installation
6. Optimize the lighting fixture again according to the final application scenario
7. Final sample confirmation
8. Provide lighting specification
9. Lighting mass production
10. Lighting continuous upgrading

02/ Mass production process

Lipal Lighting Aging Before packing 2

1. Receive orders
2. PMC scheduling
3. Prepare materials
4. Incoming Quality Control
5. Assembly the lighting housing
6. Lighting wiring
7. Inprocess Quality Control
8. Finished product inspection
9. Packaging
10. Packaging Inspection
11. Into the warehouse
12. Outgoing Quality Control
13. Shipping

03/ To work with us

Office lighting and commercial lighting fixtures manufacurered by Lipal 2

1. Contact us for any commercial lighting inquiry
2. Provide our solution according to your requirements
3. Further details discuss
4. Confirm the samples
5. Sign the contract (PI)
6. Star the production
7. Production inspection before shipment
8. Shipping arrangement
9. Enjoy our fully after-sales service

Lighting applications

Our Portfolio

As a professional commercial lighting manufacturer with over 18 years of experience in lighting production and design, we have helped our global clients provide quality commercial lighting for Clothing Brands, Cosmetic Brands, Watch &Jewelry Brands, Automotive 4s Brands, Food& Beverage Brands, Children related and Outdoor Product Brands.

Our lightings adapt, evolves, and respond to your specific commercial lighting needs, saving our customers costs by reducing the middleman and allowing them to complete their projects better within budget.