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Urban public space needs to rely on the light and dark changes and orderly texture of light to create a place spirit full of humanistic temperature, rationality, and sensibility.

Public space is the most conspicuous place in the building and the space where people move most, so the design and performance of public space often become the first impression of the building – the focus of lighting design in public space, the role oflighting, and lanterns become crucial.

Space design and lighting design and the use of luminaires need to be consistent with the presentation of the building and the interior.

Enhancing the function of the space (public reading areas, sports, and fitness areas, aisles, artwork displays, meetings, lounges)

The focus of lighting is the need to create illumination levels consistent with universal design, both in design and lighting fixture selection.

Why Lighting for public spaces important?

Lighting planning for public spaces continues the feeling of the whole building body and space. The lighting of the building exterior and the design space available inside should present a harmonious aesthetic. The right lighting design and the use of lighting fixtures make the overall contour and structure more distinct from giving a better visual effect and experience.

Lipal Public Space Lighting Recommendation

Accent lighting in public areas

The design and application of lighting need to be people-oriented, meet the needs of human activities in terms of function, and make people feel comfortable mentally. In most public areas, such as indoor reading places, in addition to a large area of light, but also need to set the focus of light for supplementary lighting in the reading area by the window, focus on the possibility of light curtain reflection while avoiding changes between light and dark to produce glare. 


Glare-free lighting in public areas

Glare is a problem to be avoided in public spaces, especially in reading areas, exhibition areas, and fitness areas. The design and selection of luminaires should also consider lighting fixtures and other effects of parallel vertical light to avoid glare interfering with activities. Lipal’s lighting with more optical options helps you to avoid glare flexibly.

Public space Dimmable Lightings

Public space is also divided into primary and secondary needs; the choice of lighting should also be considered accordingly. In terms of public facilities, lighting fixtures need to strike a better balance between function and design, no longer are public facilities generally only function-oriented, in today’s lighting and lighting design sense becomes more and more important, how to integrate a good vision and strategic awareness in the process becomes an important issue.

Public Space Lighting Ultimate FAQ

An effective public space lighting system combines the right light source technology with a suitable luminaire and appropriate lighting controls to achieve the desired function and effect.
When selecting luminaires, Luminous output, Efficacy, Light Distribution, Colour rendering, Controls compatibility, Product life, Lipal's expertise in products helps you consider all of these factors.

We usually use Philips, Cree, Osram, Citizen, and brigelux for most of our fixtures. If you have a specific requirement, you can also let us know, and we can use the appropriate make and model to suit your needs.

We usually use Philips, Eaglerise, Mean Well according to specific fixture type. For most products, you can also choose a particular brand

Proper lighting in indoor public spaces is essential for a variety of reasons. It can improve visibility, increase safety, foster a friendly environment, and even influence mood and productivity.
Lipal offers a diverse assortment of indoor public area lighting fixtures to satisfy your specific requirements.

Dimmer switches, task lighting, and adjustable fixtures can be used to change the lighting in interior public spaces to fit diverse needs and activities.

All of these types of luminaires are available at Lipal, and in addition, we can customize them according to your lighting requirements.

Indoor public area lighting should be maintained on a regular basis, ideally every six months to a year. This includes replacing lights, cleaning fixtures, and examining wiring for damage or wear.

Lipal can provide 5-year warranties in addition to the standard two-year warranty to suit higher quality criteria; please check with our sales staff before placing your purchase.

Lipal Public Space Ligting Projects

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Public spaces represent a sense of community and must consider the majority of lighting needs, applying luminaires from a widely accepted public use environment

Lipal has a wider variety of lighting and optical options to meet your public spaces’ lighting needs, feel free to check with us!