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Lipal commercial lighting for JNBYHOME

JNBYHOME is a home brand established by JNBY Group in 2016; the brand respects the materials gifted by nature, inherits the design that follows nature, aspires to a free, self, active, fun, and adventurous lifestyle, to let people explore the diversity of high-quality life in a positive and free state of mind, insists on creating the indispensable “luxury” goods in the post-material era.

1 Lipal lighting retail lighting for JNBY

Lipal is honored to work with JNBY to create this home-style space to showcase the concept of “Just Naturally Be Yourself”.

This space breaks the traditional window display rules of a typical storefront in an indoor shopping center and transforms it into a more open, public space. The overall feel of the store is warm and inviting, and we used the Lipal downlight series, which uses an overall color temperature of 3500K to brighten up the interior of the store.

2 warm lighting for JNBY retail shop

In another area, the main grocery store space has floor-to-ceiling wooden shelves for display and storage. The wooden frame meets the wall from the ceiling, and Lipal’s custom-made spotlights in the same color blend in with it, and the length of the light matches the depth of the frame for unity and beauty.

3 Lipal downlight for clean retail space

The bedroom and closet display space is dominated by soft white tones and simple materials, and the clean ceiling with stretchable spotlights is not only shown simple but also easier to focus light on items such as linens and pajamas by adjusting the angle.

4 Lipal downlight application for different aera

Quality display combined with a good lighting atmosphere is a powerful way to create store sales.

Lipal always interprets light with quality and provides customers with a full range of lighting solutions.

5 Lipal lighting solution for brand flag shop
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