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Multi-tasking residential lighting

Especially due to the global epidemic, people spend more and more time in their homes. A home is a place to live, relax and unwind, and work and socialize, and as the ultimate multi-purpose environment, a home presents a unique challenge that requires proper lighting.

Lighting is essential to a safe, comfortable, and attractive home. The best lighting is integrated into the architecture of the space in conjunction with the overall structure of the area. In contrast, the lighting should be consistent with the homeowner’s lifestyle.
Lighting fixtures create an impression of the home, and different residential scenarios require other institutions to meet the homeowner’s living needs and enhance the space with different atmospheres.


How is premium residential lighting?

Quality lighting design needs to be kept simple, the use of lamps to avoid visual clutter, but at the same time layered lighting is essential, For most rooms in your home where you need to light up the space in general, ceiling light can be the primary choice, you can use Lipal recessed lamps, with simple track light, linear light, Lipal spacewalk series lamps can also do an excellent auxiliary lighting or ambient lighting products.

Lipal Residential Lighting Recommendation

Lipal Cabinet Lightings

For more miniature scenes such as cabinets and closets, you can also use Lipal’s showcase lighting series or mini linear lighting to enjoy the humanized design of the lighting.

Interior Wall Washer

Lighting should emit a comfortable brightness and provide a sense of relaxation and spaciousness.

Wall washes help define the space, provide vertical lighting, combine visual comfort, spaciousness, and visual and directional cues.

Interior Wall Washer Lighting in Lipal

Residential Lighting Ultimate FAQ

A watt is a unit of electric power equal to one joule per second. The watt is a measurement of how much energy is used per second. At Lipal, all lights are LED and energy-saving.

Lumens are the unit of measure that determines how much light a lighting fixture will give off. Compared with measuring watts simply, it's more correctly measuring them in lumens.

Our LED lights can last up to 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours, depending upon the situation and how you use them.

Task lighting is any light for which the purpose is primarily to accomplish a particular task in the residential spaces. For example, downlight and track lights in the sitting room, suspension lights next to the bed for reading.

Lipal‘s downlights in different sizes, track lights in a minimalist design, our magnet light system, the element system, and the spacewalk system are perfect for residential spaces.

As an efficient lifestyle versus energy savings, smart lighting or intelligent lighting was created primarily to add energy efficiency by automatically controlling. Nowadays, what people value more now is its flexibility.
At Lipal, we also manufacture tric/0-10V/DALI dimmable lightings for you to choose from.

Lipal Residential Ligting Projects

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Lighting Scenarios

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