Enjoy a professional commercial lighting experience with Lipal

There are many commercial lighting manufacturers around, so why choose Lipal Lighting?

Lipal lighting is a professional engaged in LED commercial lights, LED downlights, LED track lights, LED wall lights, retail lightings, LED track lighting systems, LED spotlights, research and development, production, sales, and services of manufacturers.

With 20 years of experience in lighting manufacturing and led lighting solutions, Lipal delivers End-to-End commercial lighting solutions personalized services for each customer.

We have strict quality control and considerate customer service, to discuss your requirements with us at any time. Enjoy a full-range service and professional commercial lighting experience at Lipal!


Commercial Lighting Design

In addition to the in-house professional lighting designers in Zhongshan and Shanghai, Lipal lighting works with over 20 professional lighting designers worldwide. They provide lighting design, prototyping, and optimization of light fixtures to present better solutions based on the final lighting application scenario lighting requirements, Lipal lighting’s designers can turn the customer’s inspiration into practical lighting prototypes within a reasonable time and budget.

1 Lipal professional commercial lighting team
3 Lighting Prototypes


Lighting Prototypes

At Lipal Lighting, we have a more professional lighting development team and a full floor 4000 sqm commercial lighting development center, our own aluminum workshop with fully equipped machines, and the ability to develop commercial lighting prototypes for various needs with more flexibility. In addition, we have professional product testing laboratories to ensure the quality and durability of our products.


Lighting Production

Lipal Lighting has a production area of 15,000 square meters; we bought the entire factory and land to ensure more stable cooperation with our customers.

In 2022, we will expand by building another building with modern lighting production lines and a professional lighting showroom. In addition, our industrial park, equipped with metal, plastic injection, printing, and other accessories manufacturing plants, has a complete supply chain to support mass production.  Our production line offers an in-line quality inspection team and a separate quality assurance team to meet customer requirements.

4 Lighting production
5 Lipal quality control


Lighting quality inspection

Lipal Lighting has a group of dynamic QC teams based on professional quality inspectors; the QC team is divided into IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, and other functional positions to ensure that every step of the product from raw materials to production is in line with quality, moreover Lipal attracts all employees to actively participate in quality management by rewarding and other more effective forms.


Warehouse & Logistics

Lipal has a complete warehouse for raw materials and finished goods to ensure production flexibility and provide storage space for customers’ products before shipment. Furthermore, we can also help customers organize multiple suppliers’ shipments to serve you more intimately.

6 lipal lighting warehouse
7 Lipal garantee



Lipal Lighting provides professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales service. Customer experience first, to be the customer professional lighting supporter is what we have been doing for more than ten years, when found any problems with the product, we will actively give customers in the first time to solve, to ensure customer satisfaction


After-sales service

Lipal provides after-sales service with a response time of 24 hours on working days. Customers can contact our after-sales consulting service through our website, email, and instant contact, wherever they are.

8 after sales service
9 free quote


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Whether it’s a high-volume production of regular commercial lighting or customized lighting for a high-end lighting project, Lipal strives to with our customers until the job is done. To get a free quote, or if you have questions or special requests, drop us a line. We look forward to serving you!