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Time changes, the lighting planning of the office space has become more and more colorful. The office may only need to focus on functionality and sufficient brightness in the past. Still, today more and more entrepreneurs pay attention to corporate culture and hope for A new corporate image that improves the work efficiency of the company’s employees by creating a textured space.

In the past, people only focused on the office’s traditional sense. Still, today there is some other workplace outside the office, such as shared office space, WeWork, home office space under the epidemic. All the sense of office lighting planning and lighting applications needs to be paid attention to.
The lighting design and application should take care of people’s daily reception, work, meetings, and other needs in the office space. Under the lighting environment’s requirements, different situations and conditions are not the same.

Light up every corner in the office

Lipal lighting produces office lighting, including seamless panel lights, magnet panel lights, linear lights, new tube series, and various lightings with acoustic sound-absorbing materials used to explore more possibilities.

Whether it’s a public office, a private office, or a conference room or breakout area, we can provide office lighting with greater color rendering accuracy and efficiency with durability.

Lipal Office Lighting Recommendation

Lipal Various Office Lighting

Different types of lighting can be used flexibly so that the space is not too monotonous and meets the function.

Office lighting with unique fixtures such as linear lighting or borderless panel lights can create a modern, innovative and technological office atmosphere. Lipal has a full range of linear lighting. Our new panel series can be used in the office area to achieve sufficient brightness to match the daily work needs; the illumination of the meeting room can create a focused or enthusiastic atmosphere, making the experience more diverse. Staff break areas and pantries can use a combination of chandeliers and downlight or track light, which brings out a sense of hierarchy and a smooth purpose of articulation, bringing a sense of comfort during break time.

Lipal Healthy Office Lighting

At Lipal, we know why office lighting is important
Office lighting is usually one of the most overlooked and underappreciated aspects of a work environment.

Lighting affects the mood of the office personnel; one crucial point is employee morale; a motivated employee is more productive and reliable at work.

Inadequate lighting can cause eye strain, leading to headaches, emotional stress, and more physical discomfort. Proper office lighting can reduce these health effects and can keep employees at their best, reducing the chances of low productivity and work errors.

Lipal high brightness office lighting

Properly planned office lighting can enhance productivity by effectively directing the light needed in an employee’s work environment, improving overall vision, increasing alertness, reducing shadows, and improving fatigue during the workday.

Of course, the combination of the scientific and lighting also matters, such as the color temperature of the lighting, etc.
The color temperature of LED lighting in today’s office work area we usually recommend 5000 K. This temperature is very similar to natural light. It has been scientifically studied and found to reduce the amount of melatonin produced. This allows employees to feel less sleepy or tired.

Office Lighting Ultimate FAQ

Some studies have shown that brighter light can intensify emotions, 3500K is the best choice for most offices, but any color temperature between 3000 and 4000 Kelvin should be good.

The standard practice of designers for meeting room lighting is a combination of general lighting and accent lighting, which we recommend—for example, hanging linear lighting or panels above the table and wall light or spotlight for the rest of the space, or even just one collection of different designs for the whole space if using our lighting system.

Lipal’s office lighting supports hanging and recessed installation by changing different accessories.

What does CRI mean, and which CRI is best for office lighting?
Color rendering index (CRI) is a scale from zero to 100. The more natural light, the higher the CRI; CRI measures the degree of color reproduction of light, such as natural sunlight, and candles can be very good at restoring the color of the object itself. And in office use, we recommend a CRI of 80Ra suitable for the benefit of ordinary standard colors of the office, such as white, black, and silver, while if your office is other such as red, blue, green, red, yellow, etc., we recommend that you use 90Ra.

The point, line, and surface are the essential elements of graphic design and space design.
At Lipal, we know that more appropriate office lighting can improve the office environment and make the workplace look cleaner, safer, and more natural. Using various professional luminaires in the office lighting scene, the series presents a full range of space, light collisions, and creative geometric patchwork, offering more possibilities.

Linear lights, LED panel lights, sound-absorbing lighting and dimmable luminaires can all be good choices for office lighting.

Acoustic lightings, as the name suggests, are lamps that can absorb noise. Linear lights, pendant lamps, LED panel lamps with professional sound-absorbing panels are designed to absorb noise and ensure that people in the office space receive other noise disturbances, thus have higher work efficiency.

Generally speaking, our lead time is 5-7 working days for samples and 25-35 working days for mass production orders.

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