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Architecture Deserves Better Lighting

Goethe said that architecture is frozen music.
An increasing number of people are paying attention to the aesthetic requirements of architecture. There is a growing need to improve the quality of architectural space as a container for people’s daily functions. The importance of architectural lighting has thus come to the fore.

In architecture, beauty is expressed through the collision between light and sunlight, shadows and colors. When lighting equipment is applied correctly, good artificial architectural lighting has a natural quality that helps us feel beautiful.

As the intersection of architectural art and lighting technology, ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING serves and enhances architecture, creating a cohesive spatial experience, and is not merely an accessory.

How Lighting Conveys The Beauty Of Architectural Space?

When lighting is no longer the only purpose, think about how we can use lighting to fit the art of light with space and mind. Based on its architectural form, the overall lighting design, and application, combined with contour lighting and internal translucent lighting based on the continuation of the building’s characteristics, to strengthen the interactive connection between light and architecture, space and people, to convey the beauty, style, and temperature of the space from the inside out.

Practical lighting application and luminaire use present the sensory effect of iterative aesthetic visuals, which are well integrated with the building volume and interior atmosphere, and evoke people’s emotions or thoughts from the resonance of inspiring emotional experience, expressing the real meaning of emotional experience in the space instead of physical reality.

Our proper production planning and scheduling can make your products go into production faster.
To experience the convenience of a one-stop-shop while minimizing time and hassle. Lipal’s customers no longer need to coordinate among a large and disparate group of commercial lighting suppliers.

Our commercial lighting can generally be divided into the following categories according to the location and ways to light.

Lipal Architecture Lighting Recommendation

Lipal Recessed Lighting

Those lightings can illuminate the space without becoming the main character, such as our recessed lights. Recessed downlights are undoubtedly one of the architectural favorites, in addition to the traditional classic series. To avoid the limitations of fixed, downlights can only speak light in the same direction. lipal also has a number of flexible adjustable angles; the direction of the recessed lamps can be accent lighting. It can be the perfect choice for architecture.

Lipal linear Lights

As the main element of spatial expression – Lipal’s linear lighting range can also be one of the leading choices for architectural lighting, defining the space and guiding the people in it.

Linear Lights in Lipal

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Lipal lighting system

At the same time, the lighting fixtures need to be energy efficient; the exterior design incorporates architectural features, and the lights and scenery decorate the overall building. The light source power and luminous angle are strictly controlled while ensuring illumination.

Lipal’s lighting system series can be differentiated and consistent; the collision of lines, circles, and lights, the extensive use of human safety and low voltage, energy-saving, and guaranteeing safety can also be the choice of architectural lighting.

Architecture Lighting Ultimate FAQ

At Lipal, we don't just always find a final solution straight away; most of the time, we firmly work with the designer and the customers during the design process to develop and update the product according to the specific requirements of the lighting application.

Yes, we are flexible manufacturers with sufficient control over cost and supply chain, products can be produced according to customers' budgets.

Lipal is a flexible manufacturer; we are confident enough about the cost; we can design and lightings according to the budget of the customer and take into account the quality of the material and the quality of the light at the same time, ensuring the longevity of the product, we are proud of what we create.

Natural lighting, also known as daylighting, is a technique that uses external glazing (windows, skylights, etc.) to bring natural light into the space efficiently, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting and saving energy.

Natural light needs to be considered when using lighting fixtures, as uniform areas require different illumination levels during the day when there is natural light and at night when there is no natural light.

Quality, service, and integrity.
Lipal's products are durable and energy-efficient. We offer full advice in design development, prototyping, and testing with our customers.
And our ability to understand our customers' ideas, including when customizing products, enables them to continue to choose us for their lighting projects. In addition, our hassle-free after-sales service is also essential to our customers.

Absolutely yes! You'll be amazed at how much more comfortable and visually different a space can look when we remove the glare and add soft lighting. On the other hand, the use of intelligent dimmable luminaires will greatly improve convenience.

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Lipal Architecture Lighting Projects

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