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What is Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lighting is lighting used in commercial spaces such as offices, shopping malls, stores, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, government buildings, etc. It is distinguished from industrial, manufacturing, or general residential room lighting, generally divided into indoor commercial lighting fixtures and outdoor commercial lighting fixtures.

In any given facility, proper commercial lighting should never be overlooked. Improper use of commercial lighting fixtures in a space can create a bad experience and feel for guests.

Why partner with Lipal in commercial lighting?

Lipal has focused on interior commercial lighting for 16 years; we manufacture a full line of LED commercial lighting products, including track lights, downlights, lighting systems, showcase lighting, for applications such as retail space, commercial center, brands flag shop, office, hotel, etc.

Our proper production planning and scheduling can make your products go into production faster.
To experience the convenience of a one-stop-shop while minimizing time and hassle. Lipal’s customers no longer need to coordinate among a large and disparate group of commercial lighting suppliers.

Our commercial lighting can generally be divided into the following categories according to the location and ways to light.

Lipal Commercial Lighting Recommendation

Our commercial lighting can generally be divided into the following categories according to the location and ways to light

Accent lighting

To highlight the main object or a particular area, commercial accent lighting is usually used to promote ample area lighting as main products, key parts, or decorations.

In Lipal, we provide professional track light series products; side lighted track lights can create the effect of seeing the light while hiding the fixture; to better highlight a point, we have the full range of zoom track, with zoomable function to adjust the beam angle of light, discover more professional products.

Polarized lighting

The most common polarized lighting is wall washing lighting, through the control of optical devices and lighting fixtures, the light will be evenly spread on the wall or product surface, making the performance of the product more outstanding, Lipal’s polarized track lighting, to explore the possibilities of the intersection of point and surface, with a variety of lengths and wattage to meet the needs of customers more applications.

Polarized Lighting​ in Lipal


Downlight is a light fixture that projects light downward, most commonly embedded or suspended from the ceiling, as the most basic kind of lighting in commercial lighting and hotel lighting; the downlight is a product that looks very common and simple.

Still, making a professional downlight is not so simple; functionality and design are key points that can not be left behind. In addition, to better illuminate the space and set off the brand and product, the fixture’s elegance also needs to be considered.

Lipal has a wide range of downlight series for customers to choose from, including recessed downlight, trimless downlight, retractable downlight, and adjustable downlight for each space and angle. Check with us for more downlight ideas.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is also called general lighting; it provides the foundation and general illumination to the space to create a broad and uniform lighting level.
Ambient light is a soft glow; besides providing essential lighting functions, it is most important to enhance the warmth of a space, making it smoother, with just enough ambient light covering the area for you to use without creating any harsh glare. If appropriately used, ambient light can create an excellent environment to relax from overwhelming emotions.

In lighting applications, some high-end restaurants, coffee shops, yoga studios, etc., can use softer ambient lighting in their spaces to create an intimate environment while helping customers to release physical stress.

In Lipal, this is usually achieved through our wall light, floor light, and pendant light.

Commercial Lighting Ultimate FAQ

Commercial lighting is lighting generally used in retail stores, brand flagship stores, shopping malls, offices, museums, libraries, galleries, restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals and office buildings, and other commercial indoor spaces.
Most lighting power is within 60W, different from high-power industrial lighting or outdoor lighting.

Accent lighting is a form of lighting designed to illuminate the main merchandise or main place by focusing the light on a specific area or object in order to stimulate the customer's desire to buy. It is often used to highlight artwork or accent products, such as paintings in galleries, displays in museums and models in clothing stores.

Accent lighting is used to highlight products. Attention should be paid to the luminous flux, beam angle, and color temperature of the lightings, which should be determined by the type, shape, size, and display method of the product or object displayed and must be balanced with another illumination the space.

At Lipal, standard accent lighting includes wall lamps, wall washer, recessed downlight lighting, and track lights.

Polarized lighting is a kind of particular light structure and optical application. The light emitted by the light source in the lamp trough is emitted by the light-emitting panel and uniform and anti-glare light.

A four-wire track has two more fire wires than a three-wire track, other than that they differ by a sub-control system
A three-wire track does not have a sub-control system, all the lights on a track are lit and dimmed together
The four-wire track has a sub-control system, all the lights on a track can be lit as you wish, the four-wire track supports an intelligent control system.

Intelligent lighting, you can choose from Lipal's wide range of dimming products
Lighting without mains, Lipal's lighting system can be your choice

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In conclusion,the commercial space should emphasize the communication between people in open spaces. The lighting performance in most areas should be bright, illuminating, and creating space, while in relatively private areas, the focus needs to be on atmosphere and mood.

Depending on the specific type of space, you can make good use of the selection and matching of different types of lightings, with functions such as dimmable, adjustable color temperature, and other combinations of business models that lighting can drive. Lighting solutions should also require attention to the cleanliness of the lighting to create a commercial space that is both interesting and qualitative.

Quality commercial lighting products can upgrade your overall lighting ambiance and make your business look more professional. It provides many important benefits, including enhancing the guest experience, increasing employee productivity, and significantly increasing the resale value of your property.

Talk to a Lipal professional to get professional recommendations for commercial lighting to help you make the right decision.

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