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How to create better hospitality lighting?

Lighting plays a significant role in setting the mood and atmosphere in a Hospitality environment, whether it be a restaurant, hotel, resort, or casino.

Lighting design should take into account many factors, such as leisure, business, culture, humanities, etc. There is no single formula to abide by. Creating a careful balance between style, simplicity, functionality, and energy efficiency.

To create a high-quality space texture and give guests a better experience, but also in different areas to distinguish the focus of lighting and the use of other lighting products, according to other spaces will have to adapt to the use of lighting fixtures.

In lighting design and luminaire application, you have to determine the type of place, location, the concept of the building, the design of the room type, the target customer base, and so on. It becomes a design axis after the interaction and integration of several aspects.

Reception Area Lighting

It is also necessary to distinguish the luminaires from the scenes in which they are used.
The human element of reception begins in the lobby, where the lighting must be detail-oriented. The reception area is the task area and decorative atmosphere of hospitality lighting, the lobby lighting must be bright and soft, and minimize reflective glare, in addition to the lighting function, but also to unify as a welcoming aesthetic

Lipal recessed lighting fixtures can better illuminate all desk areas and hallways leading to the lobby without blinding the eye. At the same time, pockets of shadow and glare can be eliminated by lighting incidence from different angles using wall lights or pendant fixtures.

Corridor Lighting

Aisles and corridors are essential elements of hotels and resorts in HOSPITALITY.  They connect the lobby to guest rooms, meeting rooms, entertainment facilities, restaurants, conference areas, ballrooms, and nightclubs. For safety and unobstructed flow, corridor lights need to be kept on at all times. However, they had to be more than just task lights and decorative, blending with the carpeting, wall art, interior design, and the overall environment theme.

With the regular track luminaires and footlights series serving as the base lighting. At the same time, for front decorations, art paintings can be set off with the zoomable track light series or wall washer lights. 

If you prefer, hotel corridors and other deep spaces can use Lipal linear lighting series to enhance the tension of the space, highlighting the modern sense of space, or you can use recessed downlight to create a natural and comfortable transition. Lipal has a complete range of luminaires to meet this scenario.


Lighting For Guest Room

When guests arrive in their rooms, they absolutely must feel a sense of complete privacy and security, a sense of isolation and comfort. Even when they are away from home, people like to stay in suites that give them a sense of home.
While primarily a bedroom, anything from reading to watching TV, entertaining, and sleeping can occur in the space.
In addition to the overall warmth of the fixtures, intelligent lighting should be considered, with dimming and color temperature adjustment according to different periods and usage needs. For the make-up area, high CRI fixtures need to be used.
Lipal’s extensive experience working in the hospitality industry allows us to introduce a variety of lighting elements to create a balanced and comfortable feel to your scene.


Dining Area / Meeting Room Lighting

These aspects of hospitality require a high level of adequate lighting to create an atmosphere. Dining areas often require a large amount of low ambient lighting to emphasize privacy and allow guests to dine in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, with different types of lighting options to match. Meeting rooms and business offices often require brighter lighting for motivation and presentation and refer to Lipal’s office lighting products.

Dining Area / Meeting Room Lighting in Lipal

Hospitality Lighting Ultimate FAQ

Proper hotel lighting affects the mood of guests and their stay experience. From the reception lobby to the corridors, guest rooms, and restaurants, lighting is applied according to the scene to convey welcome, safety and comfort to the customer in terms of flux and CCT etc.

This is a general term, but hospitality lighting can include downlights, track lights, suspension lights, wall lights, and of course, other decorative luminaires.

To ensure the safety of visit guests, it is recommended to use 220V lighting that can't be reached easily and low voltage lighting that is close enough to reach.

Firstly, there is uniformity, and the same lighting system contains different fixtures which can be used and positioned according to the actual requirements, which is very convenient.

These are the areas where customers need to see the service staff first or seek help, as opposed to the rest of the environment, and they need to be brightly lit.

We can make a sample for you before ordering.

The use of lighting in the restaurant should pay attention to privacy while bathing the customer's facial features in soft, harmonious light; the lamps shining on the food need to use a high CRI, Ra>90 is best.

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Lipal Lighting is exceptionally qualified to fulfill all your Hospitality Lighting needs. With an unsurpassed selection of flexible track lighting systems, as well as recessed downlighting, pendant lighting, and wall lights, Lipal gives you a complete lighting fixture range to create your signature design.

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