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Lipal office lighting for OneSmar Education

Lipal office lighting for OneSmar Education

Lipal was honored to work with OneSmart Education to create a lighting solution, producing lighting fixtures for their new headquarter 10-story office space.

1 Lipal Interior office lighting for One smart education

For office workers, most of the day is spent in the office, more and more facts can prove that interior lighting and human health are closely related to the necessary connection, so the choice of the light source, lighting time, color, and brightness control is required to take into account the health of users.

The interior space of the building is designed in pure white with original wood color, and the overall illumination is around 4000k to present a bright and transparent visual effect.

2 4000K CCT for most office lighting

Entering the office area we chose a white linear pendant light for the top of the staff seats, making the overall space look more simple and bright, the brightness distribution is even and sufficient lighting will make each employee feel more comfortable.

3 Linear lighting for office light

For different functional areas in the office, the lighting will also be adjusted accordingly. In the conference room, the designer chose a light guide panel with overall dimming system control and a recessed small spotlight to match the different color temperatures and illumination levels required in the use of the conference room.

4 Lipal lighting for the meetting room

In addition to this, with the meeting room use scenario to adjust the lighting mode, 40%-100% brightness adjustment can ensure the ambient light requirements when using the projection in the meeting room, through two circuits to control the spotlight, also will not affect the illumination requirements of the meeting room desktop in use.

5 Lipal office lighting
6 Lipal office lighting products
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