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New application for Lipal showcase lighting: project for jewelry shop

The brand for which we are working is RIOTLILY, with the motto “Passionate and indulgent lilies,” and it depicts a representative group of women who are confident and elegant at work, passionate and unrestrained in life, and who exhibit an urban lifestyle with a twist.

Soft and delicate, confident and stylish, or rebellious and unrestrained styles may be found in any RIOTLILY store. The diverse range of products necessitates distinctive lighting to enhance the display.

Showcase lighting application in retail fashion store

As a result, the Mini collection was chosen as the light fixture for the display area. Lipal created the Mini collection for showcases and laminates, named after its incredibly small size, which makes it the ideal choice for small areas, with the goal of making all valuable and beautiful elements visible, displaying details, and attracting attention.

The entire range is 24V safe, with no safety issues for close lighting, and the luminaires can be changed to match the location of the products on display at any moment.

Mini magnetic 24V display light 1

There are three luminaires in the line: a 1 head 1.5mm diameter spotlight, a 2 head spotlight, and a grille spot. The first two luminaires can be utilized as main lighting to highlight significant items and the second for general lighting; the combination of the three luminaires provides a high degree of flexibility in lighting requirements.

Furthermore, for close proximity, particularly for watches and jewelry, the design principle of seeing the light without seeing the fixtures is adhered to, and varied lighting is necessary depending on the object to be illuminated.

Showcase lighting application in retail fashion store Lipal lighting

Simultaneously, the color temperature, thermal radiation, color rendering, and flicker must be considered according to the material being illuminated, making full use of the lighting to show the space of the display case, the layers, and the three-dimensional sensation of the exhibits.

Moreover, according to the shop display props, it is also extremely necessary to tailor showcase lighting so that, regardless of size, design may be a great fit.

Customisable showcase displaylights manufacturer Lipal lighting 1

Lipal, a retail lighting manufacturer for many years, understands the logic of product development and use and continues to introduce more and better showcase lighting/display lights.

If you want to learn more about display lights or have a specific product demand, please contact our experienced expert, and we will be happy to offer you with more valuable items.

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