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It was a pleasure to meet you at the 2023 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

After three years, Lipal took part in the largest Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2023 with a new look, bringing new products and ideas to the show and the lighting industry. It was great to see both new and old customers.

Thank you for visit us at Guangzhou international lighting exhibition 2023

This time, Lipal’s major displays are the Element, Micro, Multi, Spacewalk, and Showcase Display Lights series.

This is a set of 24V lamps. The whole range is connected by a very thin 10.6 mm x 12 mm track, and the lights can be attached with magnets, screws, or snaps to meet different customer needs. The surface can be made in gold, silver, or black, and it comes with different mounting accessories for straight track, curved track, and round track. Element can be used in commercial indoor space, retail space, architectural space, and even residential space.

2023 new lighting system 24v Element from Lipal lighting

The 48V Micro is the perfect choice for minimalist spaces. The 11mm track width makes the space look cleaner, and there are 10 different types of tracks to fit different installation methods. It also works with DALI, 0-10V, and PMW dimming methods, and it can be installed vertically with guide display panels to do both lighting and displaying at the same time.

New slim magnetic 48V track system 2023 Micro from Lipal lighting

The 48V Spacewalk is a product that Lipal started 3–4 years ago, but we didn’t release and introduce it on a large scale until now. After several product upgrades, as the main exhibit series of this exhibition, Spacewalk has gotten a lot of attention and love from customers because of its unique sliding light method, similar to the design of a telephone line, the position and angle of light can be changed within a certain range. It can be installed both horizontally and vertically. For general lighting, Spacewalk is the best pick.

NEW interior lighting slide light telephone line skyline 48V Spacewalk from lipal lighting

Display lights
After coming back from Euroshop Düsseldorf in March of this year, Lipal added more functions and shapes to its showcase light series, like small spotlights that can be zoomed and jewelry cabinet display lights that can be turned in different ways to meet the needs of different stores. Lipal has worked with top retail brands for years, which has helped us learn more about what customers want. We will keep making goods that people really use.

Curved jewery display light watch retail store Lipal lighting

Lipal also showed off its classic downlights and track lights, such as the Mocare, Cigno, Swan, and Zoom series, which are all good options for the major lighting in a room.

In addition, Lipal also exhibits more unpublished lighting products and concepts in our new showroom, you can make an appointment with us anytime for on-site or online visit.

Send us your lighting needs at any time and we look forward to working with you to develop more competitive products.

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