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This may be the last video of Lipal’s old showroom

We are about to say goodbye to Lipal’s old showroom.

When Lipal’s brand-new production building is finished in 2022 and we finish optimizing and organizing the production line warehouse this year, Lipal’s new immersive showroom will be ready for the first guests after the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in June 2023. This also means that we have to leave this “old buddy.”

This showroom has been the place where most of our products are shown, where visitors are welcomed, and where conferences are held since it was built in 2013. It has also witnessed the development and production of Lipal lighting products.

Here we show Lipal’s first track light, then our downlights and wall lights,magnetic lighting system series, and more professional showcase, display light series, etc.

In the future, all new product series will be shown in the new display hall. These will include the latest, unpublished quick-plug system, office lighting, decorative lamps, and residential related lighting.

Let’s meet in the new showroom with a new look!

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