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Visit Lipal at Hong Kong Lighting Fair (2023 Autumn Edition), Booth 3D-A12

Lipal will participate in the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2023 at booth 3D-A12.
We are looking forward to meeting you!

Lipal at Hongkong lighting fair 2023 booth 3D A12

This time, we will present the new Infree quick-plug system, the entire range is a round pillar-shaped pipeline design, including various types of luminaires: flood lights, grille lights, each of which has a regular version; with a narrow edge; and a wide edge version; By freely and infinite combination in the lightings and connection accessories, Infree is able to meet the lighting requirements of different spaces such as commercial, residential, architectural, hotel, office, whether it is a hexagonal or square shape, or a horizontal + vertical connection.

Lipal Infree quick plug snap in system new product for 2023 HongKong lighting fair

After the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in June, Micro System is yet another significant product line. Its 11mm narrow track design, 6 different types of track, and ability to accommodate recessed installation, suspension installation, and surface installation are just a few of its many features. The entire series of products also supports DALI/0-10V dimming and can be spliced using various accessory combinations. This series of round rails can be installed vertically, which makes it a great option for retail display light since it combines the tasks of lighting and display into one. It can also be spliced into different shapes to meet the needs of more indoor spaces.

Lipal 48V slim magnetic track dispaly light system Micro

And the Element system will be presented in a different format. Element, known as gold system, now has more colors to choose from, most notably the copper color, whose detailed surface treatment gives the entire system the texture of copper even though it is made of aluminum; At the same time, we have expanded this range of lighting fixtures, both spotlights, pendant light, decorative lights, to provide our customers with more options for meeting the lighting needs of both commercial and residential areas. Most importantly, we have enhanced the ELement structure. Whether it is the light base or the connecting fittings, the upgraded structure may provide you with a better product experience.

Gold lighting system 24V Element system auroom track for residential space

Whether it is architectural space or residential home space, Spacewalk System is the product that can draw attention with its distinctive telephone line design and ability to slide light fittings into different positions and luminaire angles easily. Support for both horizontal and vertical installation; whether from the ceiling to the floor, wall to the floor, wall to wall, a set of Spacewalk can accommodate any lighting requirements for the space, flood light can be used as ambient lighting; while spotlight can be used as accent lighting; just play the light with us with a Spacewalk line.

Telephone wire skyline design sliding lighting system hello design belux Lipal Spacewalk system

Additionally, we will be showing a variety of downlight and track light products that are both functional and design-focused. These products are not your typical market designs; instead, they can meet the demand for higher quality/performance.

Make an appointment with us now to get to know our products better over a cup of coffee! Meanwhile, our brand new factory showroom will be officially opened on 10.30th, where you will be able to know more about our products and our green factory!

Once more, we are eager to meet you!

[email protected]

2023 new downlight design Lipal Orch range Hora downlight range
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