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Lipal Lighting for Luxemporium’s New Superstore

For its most recent superstore project, Luxemporium, a global high-end fashion shopper brand, has chosen Lipal Lighting as its lighting provider. The primary lighting fixtures for this project are from Lipal’s Classic Magnetic Lighting System Collection, MH Side-mounted Lighting Collection, and Lipal’s Show Light Collection.

Manufacturer supplier of interior retail store lighting fixtures Lipal lighting

Lipal Lighting has a long history of creating high-quality lighting products and was the first manufacturer of magnetic lighting in China. Numerous globally renowned brands’ interiors have our MH and show lights, which are recognizable items.

Manufacturer of interior retail store lighting fixtures Lipal lighting

Partnership with Luxemporium further demonstrates Lipal Lighting’s depth of knowledge in the area of general interior lighting. You can discover the source manufacturer Lipal lights to produce and develop lighting in the same area with varied lighting needs.

Manufacturer of integrated interior store lighting fixtures Lipal lighting

Feel free to get in touch with us to schedule a meeting and online factory tour so you can select items that are better suited for your upcoming lighting project.

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Retail shop display light factory Lipal lighting
High end retail brand lighting factory supplier Lipal
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