Element 24V


Element is more than a set of lamps, but  more possibilities to explore.

Through a variety of combinations of different shapes of track form installation, with the entire series of fixtures, the space has infinite possibilities.

At the same time Element is also an excellent choice for wholesalers, whether it is a commercial space or residential space, it can help you meet the needs of more customers.

Infinite combinations​

Whether it’s a straight linear track, a curved track, an arc, or even a simultaneous crossover, Element has it all.

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Multiple colors available

In addition to the current light gold, gold, silver, and black, Element is available in many different colors.
Or directly use the existing colors in combination with each other to have a surprising performance, waiting for you to discover!

Easy&Safe installation

Element’s lamps use a knob structure installation to ensure easy installation while being more solid.

Another advantage of this design is that you don’t need to have different stocks for either vertical or horizontal installation.


Tracks and Accessories