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Ciao Marni! Ciao OTB

On July 1, 2022, the new store of MARNI, a first-line womenswear brand under the Italian OTB Group, was successfully opened in South Korea. And Lipal, after Maison Margiela, is once again the supplier of lightings to complement the outstanding, original design and rigorous, high-quality style of the OTB Group brand.

Lighting supplier of OTB Marni 1 1

Following Marni designer Consuelo Castiglioni’s minimalist and youthful approach to design, we recommended Lipal’s Swan trimless stretchable downlight collection, which is favored by the brand.

The Swan range is the optimum choice for any lighting application, with a rimless design for a cleaner ceiling and a space-optimized structure for easy installation and angle adjustment.

Know More About Lipal Swan Series

                                                                            Swan 1.0
a square downlight to Grille Swan

The Swan series takes its name from the elegant design of its retractable light head, and it’s not new in Lipal; in 2018, the first Swan series Grille downlight was developed by us. Based on the standard square downlight, we thought about how to make stretching a fixture head more flexible. By changing the structure of the head time and time again, we found the smoothest way, which can be adjusted according to the specific installation environment of the installation and the angle of illumination required; it is no longer just the direct downward light. The original square Swan came into being with 1/2 head optional. Both were our best-selling products, widely exported and used in Lighting projects.

                                                                          Swan 2.0

At the beginning of 2019, during the installation of the square Swan, the designer we worked with said: it would be perfect if the luminaire itself could be freely adjusted! Lipal team responded quickly, so the 2.0 Swan was upgraded. We launched the round Swan, which divided the lamp body into two parts. The outer ring allows the light to be adjusted to 360° after installation and is also available in two designs, trim and trimless, for customers to choose from.

In addition to the overall design, Lipal team has been continuously improving the small details of the product from the user’s point of view. Now, the Swan series is available in 3 shapes and 6 powers as a regular line and has customized models for customers. We cherish the requirements and inspiration of all customers. In the future, we hope to have the opportunity to work with you to develop and produce Swan3.0, 4.0…

From 2019 onwards, affected by the epidemic, we feel regret not being able to attend exhibitions at home and abroad to present and show our new products and service concepts to our customers face to face, but Lipal never stops developing and improving its products; the epidemic instead allows us to slow down and think more about how to do an excellent job with a lighting fixture, and how to serve even better the customers.

From 2019 to -2022, Lipal’s global service system upgrade has been ongoing and has never stopped. From being an OEM manufacturer, providing quality lights for foreign importers and wholesalers, while Lipal is also providing lights for more international brands such as Sephora, Zwilling, Lancôme, and other global retail brands, the cooperation with more excellent brands has allowed us to improve our product design, R&D and production process.

Lipal retail lighting Swan downlight series for Marni 1

By working with more brands, we continue to gain valuable experience in product design, development, and production processes. We are also enjoying the process of making more and more good lighting.

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