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Lipal MH system: Still Zwilling’s choice for years

Founded in Germany in 1731, the Zwilling brand, from kitchen knives to kitchen utensils, has been handed down by founder Peter Henckels and his descendants to create a modern kitchen concept that makes cooking a pleasure and brings visible quality and joie de vivre to people.

Lipal for Zwilling

In conjunction with ZWILLING’s philosophy of a happy, relaxed and stylish culinary life, Lipal is using the first generation of the MH lighting system in collaboration with the brand in 2016.

The Lipal MH lighting system is a classic Lipal product range; from the development of the fixture to the ongoing product upgrades that continue to this day, it is a microcosm of Lipal’s product development and production capabilities.

Lipal MH series for Zwilling


In 2015, Lipal launched version 1.0 of this lighting system; the MH name derives from manual machinery, a very graphic and cool expression.

Lighting Development

  1. From the moment we receive the customer’s general idea, Lipal’s sales and product development departments start working on it, discussing it and coming up with a preliminary sketch and overview of the product for the customer, Lipal generally comes up with two or more options for the customer to choose from.
  2. Once the customer has more specific requirements, Lipal adjusts the product design again based on the customer’s needs and arranges for product prototypes, at least three of which are prepared at this stage, one for the customer, one for the base, and one for discussion and structural changes.
  3. Based on the samples, Lipal again discusses with the client and does a mock installation of the luminaire to a more reasonasuitableproduct.
Lipal MH system development





The light fixture and the track are hidden behind the ceiling. A robotic arm is used to flexibly adjust the position of the light, creating the effect of seeing the light without the fixture, making the whole space cleaner and tidier.

The MH range has always been a popular product for Lipal and used in high-end shops such as Armani, Zwilling, Channel, etc.

Zwilling lighting supplier lipal lighting 1


In the following years, we have worked with our customers to upgrade the details of our products, extending the current range to include two sets of products ranging from small to large power, with screw fixing and magnetic mounting; we welcome you to upgrade MH. With us again!

MH system with various mounting options 1
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