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Things You Need To Know About Wall Washer Light

What is Wall Washer Light?

Wall washer light, also called wall washing or vertical illumination, is an essential aspect of lighting in architecture and commercial spaces. The light washes over the wall like water, creating a soft, comfortable, and not harsh light, brightening the space.

The wash of light on vertical surfaces helps define space or the spatial envelope.

Its light will be reflected through the wall, making it less uncomfortable and harsh than direct light.

Such lighting solutions could only be possible with specially designed optics from traditional luminaires with circular or square profiles.

Wall washing illuminates a vertical surface with uniform brightness. Wall washing draws attention to the wall and can accentuate an entrance of a retail shop, office, restaurant, or artwork of a gallery.

In the commercial sector, wall washing can be used as accent area lighting to make products or locations you want to highlight more attractive to customers. They can also be used in narrow areas to make spaces appear spacious. The spacing can be calculated so that the walls are illuminated evenly or regularly.

Lipa LED wall washer

The general category of wall washers

It can be divided into indoor wall wash lights and outdoor wall washing according to the use of space.

Indoor wall washing including commercial downlights wall washing, wall washer spotlights, and wall washer track lights..

Outdoor wall washer lights are divided into block-shaped floodlights, linear high-power wall washer lights, strip-shaped low-power wall washer lights, etc.

In the past, due to technical and optical limitations, there were only a limited number of wall washer options available,

And most lighting manufacturers are accustomed to wall washer lights equal to outdoor linear high-power wall washer lights

But today, at Lipal, we have both recessed and exposed wall washing lights, linear wall washer lights, and other square and round wall wash fixtures for you to choose from. Talk to our sales team for a more professional wall washing product solution.

Lipal lighting led wall washing

A few important parameters of wall washing request carefully evaluation

• Uniformity: with a good ratio of light across the vertical plane

• Maximum coverage of light: without any patchy spots between


• Optional size: different lengths and widths of wall washer can be used flexibly according to the application scenario

• The overall effect: need to combine with other lamps and lanterns of the same application site selection to maintain the consistency of the final lights and lanterns presented

• Minimum glare when directly viewing the luminaire

• Easy integration into the architectural ceiling

Lipal lighting wall washer

LED-wall washer installation notes

For interior wall washing, do not light windows or mirrors because the image of the lamps and fixtures may be reflected.

Dark surfaces reflect far less light than white surfaces, so more light should be directed onto them if they are perceived as being wall washed.

For outdoor wall washing lights, fixtures mounted close to the wall create a grazing effect on textured surfaces. This can be an advantage if the texture is attractive, but the wall has surface irregularities that should be avoided.

Lipal lighting wall washing

Safety notes

1. Turn off the power first before installation to avoid electric shock due to improper operation.

2. Pay attention to check whether the voltage marked on the wall washer is consistent with the input voltage to be connected. If it is not the same, it is best not to connect it to avoid damage to the LED.

3. If used abnormally, it will reduce its service life. Please do not use it in places with thick acid mist.

4. During installation and transportation, pay attention to shock-proof otherwise it will be easily damaged.

5. Before installation, ensure the installation position. After installation, the inspection is very swaying. If there is, you can check it well.

6. If the lamps fail, please place them in one place, and then send them back to our company for inspection and maintenance.

7. If you find that the lamp body wire is damaged, please cut off the power immediately and stop using it.

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