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Lipal commercial lighting for BMW showroom & experience centre

The BMM has always been known for its individuality, and pure driving pleasure has been renovated and perfectly designed. The renovation of the original old building broke the traditional customer flow pattern. It integrated the showroom, lounge area, retail shop, children’s play area, office, garage, repair, and maintenance workshop into a large five-story BMW new retail experience center in a 6,000 square meter building.

Lipal lighting for BMW store

As the car showroom covers an area of relatively large, we use high output light sources in the showroom interior lighting of solid light irradiation, reduce the contrast between internal and external illumination; choose 4000k cool color temperature, effectively set off the car’s metallic texture.

How to make the car as a massive object display more perfect?

Lipal lighting shining BMW car

This needs to be based on the height of the display area, ground materials, natural lighting conditions, car grade, and other conditions decided and careful consideration; it can be designed through the beautification of lighting to enhance the quality of the car to attract customers. In a 5m high showroom, we use a combination of general lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting to avoid the blandness of the space.

The main lighting combines Lipal linear lights and LED downlighters, which make the whole room bright and transparent through excellent light brightness and intensity, and then uses spotlights to focus and polish the car body, fully showing the glossy texture of each car. In contrast, the ceiling strip lights frame the visual tension and speed of the space, giving customers the urge to test drive.

Lipal lighting for BMW car experience center

The high-end series of BMW 7 Series in the exhibition area has strong mirror-reflective properties in its body lines and curved shapes. Above it, we use diffuse reflective lighting combined with a large number of linear lighting, effectively avoiding uneven light spots, reflective glare, and other unfavorable factors, sharp and smooth linear light, the ultimate to create a leaping texture. LED downlights to supplement the two sides as auxiliary lighting, and at the same time, combined with the use of ground luminous material to form a distinction between the main and the other models, together with the negotiation area next to the leading car, enhances the sense of hierarchy of the whole space, with just a glance, the customer’s eyes will stop at the vehicle and can never leave.

Lipal lighting for BMW 4s shope

However, the customer rest area is entirely different from the showroom area; we use neutral color temperature instead of high illumination to reduce the nervous stimulation of the light to people and output a relaxing and comfortable signal.

BMW customer rest aera lighting 1

Apart from price and performance, the impactful visual experience of the showroom is also the key to inspiring consumers to test, drive and buy!

Lipal lighting for BMW car
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