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The key points in office lighting design

Why is office lighting so important?

According to the calculation of eight hours of work per day, then 1/3 of a person’s life is spent in the office.

The design of office lighting has long since moved beyond simply the brightness and illumination of the fixtures. Similarly designing an office lighting plan involves more than just optical calculations and fixture selection.

Lipal linear acostic lightings for LOCCITAN office

You may not think about the fact that a lighting solution can practically affect the entire office atmosphere; it also includes the mental health, motivation, and enthusiasm of the employees. The primary consideration when designing office lighting is that it should enhance people’s well-being and increase productivity, so WE have to get a single aim: which is a sound lighting design to create a stimulating workplace. Employees need to perform their tasks in such an environment, comfortably and efficiently.

Llipal office lighting project for HSBC bank office

Lipal Lighting can be involved in the entire process to help you better complete your office lighting project. Once you have settled on a lighting design plan, talk to us about any ideas you may have regarding the fixtures.

Lighting is one of the best&easiest ways to improve the office environment.

When starting office lighting design, the first challenge is that office lighting plans must be cohesive and effectively illuminate different types of spaces in the office that coexist under one roof: the reception area, open office, meeting room, etc.

Llipal downlights for HSBC bank office

Space and private offices of varying sizes. It must represent and reinforce the corporate image. There are energy codes to follow, concerns about energy costs and efficiency of the lighting system, as well as the need to incorporate flexibility for easy adjustments as the company grows and lighting needs change.

Factors that should be taken into account when designing office lighting

Lipal downlights and track lighting for LOCCITAN office
  • Create a cohesive environment that enhances the feeling of well-being and productivity of the office staff.
  • Create a flexible lighting plan that enables employees to perform tasks comfortably, effectively, and safely.
  • Integrate and balance ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting into each area of the office.
  • Allow a comfortable transition from space to space.
  • Design a lighting plan for long-term employee comfort, with a proper balance of energy savings and lighting quality.
  • Integrate and control daylight to improve employee morale and cut energy costs.
  • Address energy efficiency and energy codes.

Lipal manufactures a variety of lighting systems including track lighting, recessed lighting, downlights, linear lighting, and decorative lighting to meet your office lighting needs.

We will be involved every step of the way, Feel free to check with us now!

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