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Why Lipal Lighting?


1 Lipal lighting innovation

What sets Lipal lighting apart in the whole commercial lighting manufacturing industry?

We combine years of experience in commercial lighting product manufacturing and lighting projects with the latest energy-efficient technologies and design styles to develop and manufacture a range of attractive and highly marketable sustainable lights. We have more than 200 lighting products, including many uniquely designed private models and high-performance lights that cannot be found in other factories.

Our eco-technology solutions provide sustainable commercial lighting fixture development to meet the needs of diverse customer lighting projects and branded wholesale customers.


2 Iso9001 certified commercial lighting factory Lipal

Unlike ordinary factories, we are users in lighting projects who understand the importance of luminaire quality. As ISO 9001 certified lighting supplier, Lipal insists on using better components and manufacturing methods to produce and deliver higher quality, better performing commercial lighting fixtures.

From the luminaire profiles, gadgets and finishes, high-performance optics, reflectors to the testing of every raw material, Lipal Lighting is defined by its quality.


3 Lipal lighting sustainability

At Lipal Lighting, our commitment to the environment is just as important as our commitment to innovation, quality, and customers.

Lighting can deliver high-quality performance and outstanding aesthetic design while focusing on being environmentally responsible and conserving energy.

Lighting solution experience allows our commercial lighting to have an outstanding aesthetic design and functional improvements, such as the latest acoustic elements in our magnet lighting system and linear light to better address noise issues in areas such as offices, conference rooms, restaurants, etc.

At the same time, we also explore lighting materials, including wood, acrylic, epoxy resin, and the use of some different lens materials. Lipal’s lighting products, from the material, manufacturing, and transportation process, are very concerned about protecting the environm

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