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Starting with Muji, the journey to NET Zero for Lipal products has begun

With mid-summer upon us, Lipal received the good news of a new collaboration with Muji in early June, but this is not unexpected because Lipal has made sufficient preparations for this outcome.

Muji’s ideal is that their products will lead to a new minimalist, high-quality, eco-friendly living consciousness once exposed to consumers, ultimately inspiring people to pursue a perfect lifestyle.

Working with Muji has been a unique opportunity for Lipal to learn and experience different brand philosophies.


From the manufacturing side, we agreed at the first internal factory meeting to give the customer a luminaire that was close to their brand, with a design that needs to be simple enough to ensure excellent functionality and, most notably, the final product, Lipal’s L62080, would be environmentally friendly.

Lipal L62080 eco friendly light

In terms of the simplicity of the appearance, through several rounds of meetings and attempts in the design department, we made this lamp into an integrated track head design. The final compact design of this fixture includes the lens, fixture body, back cover, arm, and railhead all in one piece, with 3 and 4-phase Powergear options to meet the customer’s needs. For optical accessories, Honeycomb and Stripe are optional, which also increases the possibility for the final lighting presentation; beam angle has made four, respectively 15°/24°/36°/55°.

Lipal net zero L62080 1

The most important thing is environmental protection; from the material comparison of each simple part to the choice of suppliers, Lipal has made great efforts. The environmentally friendly lightings produced by Lipal are not only in the half-life cycle; the process before handing the lights to customers is environmentally friendly.

At the same time, it is necessary to consider the cycle customers use until the end of the final life. The configuration parts of the luminaire are chosen to be as long as possible. At the same time, the simple construction allows for easy disassembly and replacement of a part, and the logical design of the packaging is less consumable and reusable. Every part of the fixture is recyclable. It contains no harmful components, reducing damage to the environment.

Lipal L62080 by Muji

Lipal’s ultimate goal is to achieve factory-wide carbon neutrality and to accelerate Net Zero, “environmental protection” is not only the essential consideration in developing this product. Still, it is also an important part of Lipal’s numerous environmentally friendly products. The most valuable thing is that the process and experience can be replicated.

Lipal Eco friendly lighting manufacturer

In the future, Lipal is looking forward to working with more companies and customers with environmental philosophy, combining their inspiration and design with Lipal’s R&D and production strengths to produce more environmentally friendly luminaires, contributing to environmental protection and fight against the global climate crisis.

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