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Together with P&G, Lipal’s new Linko collection adds more possibilities to showcase lighting

On 28th June, we received an email from P&G confirming that Lipal’s Linko collection was determined to be the winning product of showcase lighting after a comprehensive evaluation in the P&G brand lighting project bidding.

This is another international Retail project that Lipal has been selected for after being the lighting supplier for the famous Japanese Retail brand Muji.

Lipal lighting choice of PG

What is LED showcase lighting?

Showcase lighting, also known as display lights, is a small luminaire used professionally in retail shop cabinets and accent product displays.

In today’s commercial space, brands demand more from showcase displays. From the initial external lighting to the direct lighting illuminating the entire display cabinet at the top to today’s more reasonable combination of accent lighting and general lighting from all angles. Whether a slim linear light, a standing pole light, or a mini spot, more and more display lights are being created.

From 2015 to today, display lights have become one of Lipal’s strengths through the valuable opinions exchanged with retail brands and the application in countless showcase projects.

Lipal showcase lighting for watch store

Lipal’s proven showcase lighting experience

From 2012, with the explosive growth of the retail sector in China and Lipal’s lighting fixtures entering more shopping malls, we noticed how the excellent display lighting could showcase the brand’s products and lead to customer spending rates.

In 2015, Lipal started its cooperation and strategic partnership with Feelux. This world-renowned lighting company has served the world’s leading high-end brands such as Chloé, LV, Prada, Burberry, and others with its extreme attention to detail.

With Feelux, Lipal is fortunate to be able to draw on their experience to enhance our knowledge of showcase/display lights and product development.

Lipal gains more showcase lighting experience from lighting experts

What is a professional display light?

A good display light must be able to highlight the advantages of the product; different from just focusing on producing products without knowing how to use them, Lipal always develops our products based on practical use.

More importantly, to be able to develop and adjust lights according to the characteristics and conditions of the showcase,

It is essential to develop and adapt the luminaire to the characteristics of the display case and the situation, as in the case of pole-standing mounted displays. The shelf type’s slim, linear installation and application scenarios are different.

The ease of installation and maintenance is another critical point for the end customer; what kind of showcase lighting can make the building more accessible, more efficient, and less tricky when it comes to maintenance or replacement, from the bottom quick-in installation design to the magnetic induction, and today the Linko series free connection, Lipal is always exploring more ways.

Lipal Linko display lighting

How did we create the lights that P&G chose?

After the initial communication with P&G and clarifying the client’s requirements, Lipal began work on the design evaluation and luminaire material assessment, combining P&G’s concerns to make a preliminary product proposal.

Lipal Linko series showcase lighting development 1

At the same time, Lipal internal discussions took place about the problems that might be encountered in the product development and the corresponding solutions. Based on this, a preliminary version of the product was developed, and through continuous communication with P&G, improvements, and adjustments were made to the samples. At the same time, final finishes, packaging, etc., were determined.

Lipal Linko display light test 1

Lipal Linko showcase lighting under test

It is worth mentioning that the whole process took place during the epidemic. Despite some colleagues working in isolation, the Lipal team worked well together and delivered a satisfactory result with adequate preparation.



Now and in the future, Lipal continues to work with excellent customers worldwide to get inspiration from them and develop more suitable products for market needs.

Feel free to let us know your ideas for showcase lighting at [email protected]

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