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For Italian brand Valentino: Boxie series trimless grille downlight by Lipal

At the end of June, the new shop of the famous Italian brand Valentino was grandly opened, and Lipal, as a lighting supplier, had the privilege to participate in this event.

From European court nobility, celebrities’ high fashion ready-to-wear brand Valentino, with its exquisite quality and perfect presentation of the whole and every tiny detail, slowly came to the public view, representing imagination and elegance, modernity, and eternal beauty.


With Valentino’s recent simple and atmospheric design characteristics, Lipal used the Boxie grille downlight series in the choice of luminaires; the overall rimless design makes the whole ceiling and the space environment cleaner and tidies after install the fixtures.

The Boxie is a new series of one / two / three head ceiling grille downlights from Lipal for 2022, with a power range from 25W to 3*25W to meet the power requirements of most lighting sites.

Lipal Boxie series rimless quick install downlight

Since its launch in 1959 with a Valentino red dress, Valentino has made the vibrant, bold, confident, and recognizable red the brand’s primary color. To better complement this color, the Boxie range uses CRI chips to reproduce the product’s color better.

It is worth mentioning the development process of the Boxie downlight series. During numerous installations of lighting projects, Lipal realized early on that a suitable luminaire is not only about the presentation of the product but that it should be user-friendly from the initial installation to the final maintenance and replacement process. This is why the Boxie collection was created.

There are small marbles and keys on both sides of the light, which can be quickly installed. When disassembling, the light head rotates counter-clockwise, and the marbles retract after touching the tab on the fixture body, quickly pulling the light out from under the ceiling. This is the satisfactory version of the Boxie that the Lipal team has developed after many discussions and design improvements.

 Besides the Boxie series, many of Lipal’s lights are easy to install and disassemble, with first-site use driving us to develop more suitable luminaires.

Lipal has been developing more and more high-quality luminaires for more high-end brands. In addition to the Boxie, you can find more grille downlights at Lipal – contact our lighting experts for recommendations!

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