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Lipal lighting for LA ROCHE-POSAY skincare center France

Having worked with L’Oréal many times, Lipal had the privilege of collaborating on lighting their new LA ROCHE-POSAY medical care center to better present the products.

Pure and comfortable space is significant for experienced users as a skincare center. We wanted LA ROCHE-POSAY’s customers to immediately switch from entering the shop as a busy commercial area to a different state of being, awakening all sensory perceptions and from the design and lighting of the shop to the staff, providing visitors with a tangible experience of the brand’s essence and values.


The overall tone of the space is clean and bright and reflects a level of professionalism comparable to that of a skin hospital. Lipal chose the visually expansive color white as the primary color for the exterior, with an overall color temperature of 5000K, conveying and feeling the white, clean, and comfortable requirements of a skincare center.


Functionally, the entire space is divided into a display area, a consultation area, and a treatment area, visually contracting inwards from wide to narrow, further dissecting and deepening the material and lighting sections, combining the ceiling and light wall strips to give the space a sense of hierarchy, and the light sources hidden behind the walls to create an overall sense of atmosphere.

Lipal further explores the materials, matching different lights with other materials such as wood veneer, acrylic, and lacquer, to ensure a consistent light effect to achieve a unified shop color and overall space.

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