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Lipal lighting for Bang& Olufsen Denmark

As one of Denmark’s top audio-visual brands, Bang& Olufsen’s pursuit is never just about sound quality, it has never given up on inspiring and leading the aesthetics of the times at different times, Lipal has the privilege to collaborate with B&O on lighting and is committed to adding color to the brand.

The whole shop feels less like an audio-visual experience shop and more like arriving at an old friend’s home, sitting on the sofa, and just wanting to take a nap while listening to a song. The overall lighting focuses on a relaxing experience and comfort.

bang 1

The audition environment is “lifelike,” which is more conducive to customer relationships and makes it easier to let the music and the customer spark empathy. Therefore, Lipal’s lighting in the audio-visual environment should also revolve around this direction, reflecting warmth, softness, and the corresponding contextual characteristics.


The shop uses the same combination of track lighting and spotlights as in the showroom at the brand’s headquarters in Denmark to illuminate the walls and to provide both accent and general lighting, giving the whole space a contrast of light and dark levels and a natural transition; the track lighting at LIpal is also polarised to achieve a full and even wall washing effect, with a softer overall feel than the prominent spotlights.


In B&O shops, more often than not, it’s not just the products that are on display; it’s not just the sense of hearing that is used in the immersive experience; they don’t just sell sound; they sell the “sense of sound,” Lipal uses light to complement the sound.

Are you looking for more lighting inspiration for your next sound shop project? Contact Lipal anytime!

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