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Lipal lighting for Norwegian sports brand Helly Hansen flag shop

Who says outdoor brands are fashion insulators?

How outdoor gear “makes itself known outside of the fixed circle.”

HELLY HANSEN, Norway’s national outdoor brand with 144 years of history, does just that!

HELLY HANSEN is the world’s most popular brand for outdoor enthusiasts, especially sailing and skiing. Lipal has been lucky enough to be involved in the lighting of several of the brand’s shops.


The skier is officially on the track when the start gate opens.

HELLY HANSEN (HH) has opened its first flagship shop in Shanghai on 21 January 2022, opening its own “departure door.”

With the brand positioning of “Trusted By Professionals,” HH continues to develop professional technology in sailing and skiing to support and protect outdoor athletes and enthusiasts and spread the culture and philosophy of outdoor sports. Lipal’s use of lighting is also in line with the brand’s positioning.

If you yearn for the sea, you won’t be able to resist the charm of HH! The overall design of the shop is inspired by nautical, creating a grunge-filled red and black as the primary color, atmospheric and straightforward without losing the sense of technology and fashion; we use the unified opening one size downlight and simple track light to present a comfortable light according to the space and scene matching.

Lipal lighting for Helly Hansen flag store

The enormous naked eye 3D LED art screen that extends from the first to the first floor of the shop creatively depicts the magnificent landscape that you would see when skiing and sailing, with the wave pattern background decoration, making you feel as if you are in a seafaring vessel, symbolizing HH’s brand spirit of constantly exploring extreme environments and living. The competitive feel of the snow course.

Outdoor brands lighting design lighting solution Lipal

The keel and metal hardware of the sailboat is one of the hallmarks of the HH shop, cleverly combining nautical elements with the wall ceiling, Lipal’s more delicate and straightforward sized magnetic track lights and bespoke side-mounted magnetic folding arm lights simplify the ceiling design as much as possible while meeting the premise of wall panel lighting, with an overall color temperature of 4000K creating an immersive scene.

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games have taken China’s outdoor winter sports boom to new heights. For HELLY HANSEN and many more outdoor brands, the Beijing Winter Olympics is the ‘best time’ to get involved in this vast and fast-growing market. Consumers will be able to experience a unique blend of outdoor technology and artistic inspiration.

Lipal AI magnetic track system lighting projects
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