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Lipal Lighting for Chanel

As a brand that the fashion world has always favored, CHANEL Hangzhou Ephemeral Boutique opened in mid-October 2021 in a low-key way, and Lipal had the privilege to be part of the process of serving the brand in light.

No matter how much online sales are in full swing, the physical shop is still that place where customers can better explore the brand and touch the items, try them out, and understand the craftsmanship, creativity, and details behind them priceless.

Lipal lighting for Chanel store

While peers have joined the army of e-commerce and co-branding, CHANEL continues to focus on offline beauty alone.

The shop front is black and white overall, with stone and glass curtain walls forming the overall structure, with only a white logo marked in one corner to create a strong contrast.

Lipal luxury store lighting factory

The overall style of the shop is based on the themes of ‘flow’ and ‘timelessness,’ with Lipla using unique line elements and regular rows of recessed strip lights to create a separate channel between the left and right areas, extending the space endlessly.

LIpal linear lights for Chanel

Like its clothing design, the CHANEL window continues to be elegant, simple, and refined. Lipal’s lighting follows the brand’s style, using simple track lighting and angle-adjustable recessed downlights to flexibly showcase the products from all angles.

Lipal has used professional display lights to illuminate luxury bags and accessories in the showcase area.

Lipal lighting manufacturer for your lighting projects

The overall design is composed of simple colors without too many embellishments, allowing the products to blend well into the environment and the lighting, effects, and display elements to be combined into one.

LIpal lighting for luxury bag and accesories Chanel

Lipal highlights the products through the lighting, communicates the message, and draws the eye of the buyer with the light, focusing on the products.

Feel free to ask Lipal if you need lighting for your next new luxury shop project.

Lipal for Chanel lighting display lights
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