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Lipal lighting for tea with milk Heytea

As a world-famous tea with milk brand, HEYTEA is not just about the tea with milk itself but about the overall brand experience.

It has a unique “high style” even for a typical shop. The shop uses the beauty of the South Lake as the design intention for the whole shop, creating the overall feeling of the lake and mountains, and the lighting is to present this mood better.

Lipal lighting for milky tea store

Without too much fancy decoration or colorful theme colors, Lipal uses a minimalist style from the overall space to the use of lighting to highlight the neatness and style of the whole area.

Bright, natural light is the soul of the shop, and Lipal uses a large area of the luminous film as the base lighting for the ceiling, giving the whole space a bright, transparent, and unobstructed view and providing an even light environment throughout. Concealed strips of light around the film give a soft and comfortable light.

lipal lighting for hospitality

At the air outlets and fire-fighting equipment, Lipal combined with our recessed spotlights in a straight line on the ceiling to retain the maximum aesthetic appeal of the design and ensure ease of daily use.

The uniform color temperature of the shop’s lighting also helps create a pure space with a high-quality feel. The overall design of the shop complements the products, helping to convey a youthful tea culture and providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for customers to drink tea in.

LIpal lighting drinks
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