Lipal Production Park
Lipal Green Factory is owned property The plant is powered by photovoltaics.
Lipal 2000㎡ Showroom
We upgrade our showroom every year. New fixture products and application ideas can be found here.
We know ligting projects
For every lighting project you have, Lipal develops fixtures that really fit!
Magnetic lighting system
Lipal is the first factory in China to produce low voltage magnetic lighting systems.
Lipal Lighting systems
Lipal is an expert in lighting systems.
The suitable product for you
We always offer the perfect product for your project.

Lipal’s “Li” comes from “Lighting,” and “Pal” comes from “Partner.”

Lipal has a unique understanding of lighting applications and the ability to develop end-market-need lighting fixtures, with 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, 15,000 square meters of manufacturing space, and collaborations with the world’s top brands and designers to complete 10,000+ lighting projects.

Since 2003, we have been a dependable lighting partner, providing more market-leading fixtures to assist you boost your market competitiveness.

Your Reliable Lighting Partner as Always!

Factory showroom

Lipal’s new factory showroom was built in 2023, however this is not the final version; we update our showroom every few months in accordance with the rhythm of our newly developed lighting products.

This is where we will share more usage-oriented lighting for indoor architectural spaces, as well as lighting product application inspirations.

Contact us for an online tour and we’ll be happy to introduce you more details!

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LED Downlight

Lipal’s downlight is distinguished by excellent construction, fixtures designed and developed with the end-user in mind for easy installation, removal and adjustment, and a wide range of products, be it trimmed, trimless, square, round, with various aperture sizes and wattages, you will find it all here at Lipal.

And we have a strong development capability, which will be adapted to your request, customized luminaires based on your specifications.

Indoor LED donwlight factory Lipal ligting
Indoor LED tracklight zoomble lighting system factory Lipal ligting

Track light&Spotlight

Lipal was founded on a track light, which is also our strongest product. 

We offer top design and a variety of private molded fixtures to satisfy various space and performance needs, including zoomable range and track lights that are completely recyclable and friendly to the environment.

Showcase display lights

Lipal began paying attention to small cabinet display lights in 2015 as one of the most important fixtures in the retail shop and developed a complete range of fixtures in collaboration with major jewelry, watch, and cosmetic brands with their needs in mind, and is also honored to introduce the full range of products to more lighting consultants, designers, and property owners.

In the retail sector again in Euroshop 2023, talk to us to customize the sizes, wattage, and colors your project needs.

original factory for retail store dispaly light showcase Jewellery watches cabinet light fixtures
Indoor LED wall washer light factory Lipal ligting

Wall Washer Light

Lipal offers a full range of wall washer lighting products and solutions, such as track wall washers, recessed wall washers, and linear magnetic wall washers.

The light beam falls on the wall at a wide angle when the fixture is mounted on the ceiling, generating a wall wash effect and allowing more possibilities for ambient and supporting lighting inside the space.

Lighting systems

Lipal was the first factory in China to produce magnetic lighting systems, the LM40 series was well-received by customers all over the world and is still generating good sales today. Since then, we have developed different sizes of LM25, LM20, 10 types of rails, powerful Multisystem, ultra thin system, and super slim 48V Microsystem. 

Both 48V and 24V tracks are offered with powerful dimming functions: Tuya, DALI, 0-10V; our innovative Infree-flexible connect and quick-plug system will be available soon, followed by our soft Belt system.

24V 48V magnetic linear lighting system factory Lipal ligting
Designer co development lighting factory Lipal lighting

Designer Collaborations

Lipal’s growing chances to collaborate with world-renowned lighting designers have proven to be an essential source of inspiration.
We’ve also collaborated on a number of designer collaborations, which will be steadily enhanced, serialized, and introduced to customers throughout the world. We are excited to collaborate with you on your next luminaire.

Talk to us now!

The Green Factory

Lipal Prioritizes Sustainability While Remaining Productive.


In the new Lipal building, we have equipped the roof with photovoltaic panels to generate electricity from the sun’s rays. The plant is designed to have zero carbon emissions, making Lipal an environmentally friendly factory.

One of the most impressive features of this green factory is its ability to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity. Solar panels on the building’s roof generate enough energy to power the entire plant, and excess power is stored in batteries for use during periods of low sunlight.

This innovative manufacturing approach is a significant step towards reducing the carbon footprint of the industrial sector, while also meeting the demands of more top brands and designers, allowing Lipal to continue to be the preferred lighting  manufacturer for their lighting projects.

Zero Carbon Factory LED Lighting Manufacturer Lipal lighting

Do you want a bespoke luminaire?

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