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Every brick and tile of this Marisfrolg headquarters building, including the input, architectural design, and construction process, is extremely artistic.

There are no deliberate angles or pauses, with a sense of Marisfrolg’s clothing and the structure of the human body and nature, presenting the sense of flow to the extreme. This most natural state is a continuation of the building space and a re-telling of the brand spirit.

1 Lipal commercial lighting for clothing brand

This same inspiration is also evident in the Marisfrolg art store and is the source of our lighting design.

2 Marisfrolg flag shop lighting presented by Lipal

The interior design and theme of the store envisage the flow of light and different levels to express the rhythm of the space in a similar way to the design of the whole building. The focus is on the wavy textured paper shape of the ceiling and the curved façade, simulating the flowing light and shadow of the waves and presenting a visual space with flowing art.

3 Lipal Artistic lighting

Taking the rhythm of waves as the inspiration element, LED lights are interspersed in the French textured paper, installed on the aluminum side of the ceiling, and lighted to the side, the light penetrates the textured paper, forming a rhythmic light effect. We realized the visual effect of flowing clouds and waves of light and shadow through such dynamic lighting display.

Lipal lighting in retail clothing industry

At the same time, through the custom-made bright spotlights interspersed between the wave texture paper, flush with it as the focus of the exhibit lighting.

We interspersed point light sources into the interior mosaic decorative element envisioned by the designer, all making the original wall “alive” and adding a sense of movement to the store through lighting.

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