Lipal Zoom

Like a pair of smart eyes, with a free pupil distance, curious and spontaneous exploration of the unknown world, this is Zoom.
Elegant, minimalist design, perfect proportions, free focus from 15 to 55 degrees (15-60 degrees for high power fixture), suitable for different installation sites, especially for a space of interlocking heights, The Zoom’s different power options and angle adjustments allow for a more even and harmonious illumination of the entire space. Of course, it is also suitable for galleries, retail, museums, showrooms, and other public spaces. 

Zoom Range

Code Power Flux(lm) Beam Angle CRI CCT Dimension(mm)
TZ0346 6W 395lm(15°)-402lm (55°) 1 5 ° - 5 5 ° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K 165*46*H168mm
TZ0360 15W 1140lm (15°)-1215lm(55°) 165*58*H160mm
TZ0370 20W 1800lm(15°)- 1940lm (60°) 1 5 ° - 60° 165*70*H162mm
TZ0380 25W 2300lm(15°)-2500lm(60°) 165*80*H162mm
TZ0396 30W 2370lm(15°)-2790lm(60°) 165*96*H172mm

Zoomable in Multisystem

Code Power Flux Beam Angle CRI CCT Dimming
Multi-TZ45 6W 395lm(15°)-402lm(55°) 15-55° Ra80/ Ra90 2700K-5000K 0-10V/DALI
Multi-TZ60 15W 1140lm(15°)-1215lm(55°)

15-55° Free angle adjustment

The Zoom can do better than this, with three high-powered luminaires in the 20-30W range that can be adjusted from 15-60° depending on the use scenario and the object to be illuminated.

Better angle Adjustment structure & Material

Lipal has developed a better drag-and-drop angle adjustment than the O-ring,hand-tightening angle adjustment methods on the market.

We use high-temperature resistant materials for smooth adjustment of the luminaire. 

The adjustment keys do not melt or deform even after long periods without affecting the angle adjustment.

Free choice of collocation

3 phase/ 4 phase
LED chip: Osram, Cree, Philips, Brigelux, Citizen
Driver: Powergear, HEP, Global
Optical Option: Honeycomb, Stripe

More extensions to the zoom

Zoom is more than just a surface-mounted track light; the same head design is also available in Lipal’s Multisystem, the magnetic quick-mount range, with 10 types of magnetic track freely available for surface, recessed, and suspended installation ways.

There is also the SuperThin series track light, the same head model as the Zoom series, without the zoomable function; the minimalist design makes it a good choice for all kinds of interior spaces; Lipal is looking forward to exploring more interesting product extensions with you.

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