Multio 48V Magnetic


Multio system comes from the sixth track of the Lipal Multisystem. Its classic and minimalist industrial design deserves a grand introduction. 

To help you realize all your unique ideas about the space, the round and curved linear track also helps to make it possible.

Powerful application features

Multio is also unrivalled in its expressiveness and practicality in application
Perfect for both suspension and different combinations of structures


Compatible with all Multi System luminaires

Tracks & Accessories

Code Voltage Length/Description Color Mounting Options
Multio track DC48V 1M/2M/3M Sand White/ Sand Black Suspension
Multio-EC / Multio track end cap(two pieces) Sand White/ Sand Black /
Multio-LC DC48V Multio track L shape horizontal corner Sand White/ Sand Black /
Multio-OC DC48V Multio track outer corner Sand White/ Sand Black /
Multio-IC DC48V Multio track inner corner Sand White/ Sand Black /
Multio-SCK / Multio track suspension connect kit(including I connect+ suspension pole) Sand White/ Sand Black /

Let's get creative

With DALI, Tunable white and 0-10V dimmable optional tracks adapted to the full range of Multisystem fixtures, reducing customer inventory costs.

Start DIYing any lighting fixture to express your unique lighting ideas with Multio now!