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As a latecomer in interior lighting, a lighting system can be magic; we favor lighting systems.

Being the first company in China to exhibit and mass produces magnetic lighting system, we were the earliest to realize that lighting systems can bring more choices to users while being consistent, and the flexibility of using different types of lamps in the same system to better present the space.


A pioneer in lighting systems

From 2014 to today, we have explored more possibilities in terms of flexibility, convenience, and practicality of lighting and have developed and produced more excellent lighting systems. Flexible combination of luminaires and track lighting system, a variety of ways by the composition of a unified track system, a variety of lamps to choose is supported by rapid plugging, easy to select the type of light needed at any time, prepare and change the light quickly for each task and commodities.

Lipal Lighting System Recommendation

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Magnet lighting System

Magnetic track lighting has been upgraded several times from our first version in 2015 to today, supporting different connection and installation methods, different dimensions, a variety of connection ways of matching connections, and luminaires type, always ready for any change in your lighting demand. With Acoustic Panel options for a flexible and quiet solution.

Magnet Lighting system in Lipal(40/25/20mm)

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AI magnetic Track system

Even more freestyle, horizontal rotation lighting fixtures for your own lighting preference. Up-Down double illuminating design first comes into this application.

Lipal AI Magnetic Track System

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Lipal Round Bar Track System

Classical & Minimalistic industrial design, express all unique ideas of your individual space. A round and Curved lighting line makes it more possible too. Start DIYing any lighting fixture to express your unique lighting ideas now!

Round Bar Track System in Lipal

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Spacewalk System

We are proud to introduce spacewalk into the lighting design, in this collection you can stop anywhere and illuminate any direction according to your purpose, we will have more designs to enrich this lighting system, it is suitable for offices, hotels, retail store, even residential lighting, DC 12V is safe for all human being.

Spacewalk System in Lipal

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Micro System

The entire Micro Collection presents elegance. It is a dream come true for the Special Event, Catering, and Hospitality Professional! Each lamp is beautifully designed to blend into any contemporary style living scenario. A free and life-like choice.

Micro System in Lipal

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Lipal Lighting System Ultimate FAQ

A lighting system is a set of lighting connected by the same rail or wire feed that can be flexibly matched with different types of luminaires, including spotlights, wall washers, floodlights, track lights, etc.

We now have 6, including a variety of installation options for many scenarios, and we expect to launch two more in 2022.

Whether it's retail stores, commercial spaces, offices, hotels, or just your home, our full range of lighting systems in various dimensions and fixtures type will meet your needs.

Yes, our lighting systems are not only energy-efficient, they are also low voltage and safe for humans.

At lipal, our lighting systems are low-voltage, which means they are flexible and fun.
At the same time, because different types of the luminaire can be used simultaneously, the lighting system can be used in a wide range of applications.

Our lighting systems are all with external drivers and can be purchased separately from your current driver suppliers. Though you can also order together from us with our fixtures simply by contacting our salesperson to recommend you the power and model.

Yes, we are constantly improving our system, including upgrading the performance of the system itself and adding&optimising the fixtures in the range.

Yes, as with all our other lighting fixtures, you can contact our professional sales staff with your specific requirements, and we will discuss them with our engineers to realize your ideas.

Lipal Ligting System Projects

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At Lipal, we have the depth of expertise and range of systems to translate our clients’ ideas into effective lighting. We focus on exploring diversified interior commercial lighting environment research, providing lighting system products with functional and artistic purposes to help enhance our clients’ brands. You can rely on us to understand your goals and help you recommend a more appropriate lighting system that executes a more seamless solution, ensuring flexible and desirable lighting that meets your specific lighting needs. Check with us now!

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