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We appreciate you stopping by Lipal at Euroshop!

Being an exhibitor and manufacturer, Lipal had the privilege to take part in Euroshop-world´s No. 1 retail trade fair from 2.26-3.2.

Although lighting makes up a very minor portion of such a large event, we had the pleasure of meeting more than 200 customers from around the world in just 5 days. Professional designers, experts in the lighting sector, engineers, and even owners of well-known stores were among them. They provided Lipal with the chance to introduce our products to them and receive more requests and ideas, and these priceless exchanges serve as our production and product development’s inspiration. We are always ready to have a deep conversation with you too.

Lipal displayed the primary luminaires that fit the retail, the major character of our showcase lighting/display lights small luminaires this time.

Mini Range

Mini is a 24 V magnetic track series with a safe low-voltage and very small exquisite design that makes it the first choice for showcase. This series contains three lamps, respectively, main lighting and accent lighting spot, two spots, and a linear grille for supplement and ambient lighting. With the magnet base design, this series becomes more versatile.

Lipal Mini 24V showcase lighting in Euroshop 2023 1

Guardian poles
The Guardian series drew a lot of attention and favor on the first day of the exhibition because of its exquisite appearance and thoughtful quick-plug design; the entire series has different sizes and power to meet different application needs, and the 404 and 404 series can be flexibly adjusted up and down.

Lipal Guardian pole quick plug dispaly lights in Euroshop 2023

This range is the ideal choice for all types of display rack, with power ranging from 1W to 3W, making it suitable for most showcased lighting requirements, while the fixture body itself has a great design, with no base, screw base, surface mount base, and magnet base, and the fixture body cap also having a magnetic design, making the adjustment more flexible and convenient.

Lipal LB Bellus small dispaly lights in Euroshop 2023

Guardian Star

Guardian star must be an outstanding solution if you need to place an angle linear grille in the display rack to meet various lighting needs. The luminaire’s length can be reduced according to the use of the scene, and it can be combined into other shapes by adding connectors to illuminate different regions.

Lipal Guardian star magnetic customizable dispaly lights in Euroshop 2023


Slim is an excellent showcase linear light, a collection of quick-plug and flexible connection advantages, the base can do screw mounting, can also be made into a quick-plug installation, the connection between the line is also fast and flexible, straight line in square and vertical connection can also be 360 ° rotation of the irradiation angle This series can also be adjusted in size and shape based on the shape of the display aerea.

Lipal Slim quick plug linear dispaly lights in Euroshop 2023

We believe that flexibility is the most significant aspect of lighting in the sphere of showcase/display. Lipal has summarized his many years of experience serving project customers on the optimization of lighting structure, which makes the lighting easier to install, disassemble, and maintain; meanwhile, for store prop dealers, the most important thing is the customizability of showcase lighting, which is also something We have been doing, more customer’s installation material, environment, size to customize more suitable products.

In addition, when consumers demand it, we can provide lighting installation, adjustment, and maintenance services for retail brand customers and lighting project engineers all across Asia.

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