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The lighting highlights you shouldn’t miss in 2024! Visit Lipal Lighting at 10.3-C30 at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

We invite you to visit our booth Hall 10.3-C30 at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition.

As an architectural lighting manufacturer dedicated to eco-friendly lighting solutions, we will showcase our most recent products and innovative lighting concepts at the June 9-12th event.

Our booth will focus on environmental conservation, demonstrating how unique lighting solutions and material reuse may reduce energy consumption while improving lighting quality. We are confident that these unique products and concepts will benefit your company and provide your customers with sustainable lighting solutions.

Here are a few highlights in our booth for you:

  1. New Product Showcase: We will showcase lighting solutions that mix functionality and design, including our latest acoustic lighting range.
  2. New Lighting Concepts: We will introduce some cutting-edge lighting concepts, including DIY lighting systems, the application of eco-friendly materials in lamps and lanterns, and how lighting design can enhance the comfort and aesthetics of indoor environments.
  3. One-on-One Consultation: We offer one-on-one consultations at our booth to help you understand our products and solutions and ask any questions you may have.
  4. Live Demonstration: Our booth will feature live demonstrations of our lighting products and technologies.
  5. Special Offers: As our valued customer, you will have the opportunity to receive special offers and discounts, as well as participate in special events organized by us.

Please reserve time in your schedule and we look forward to meeting you during the show. If you need further details or to arrange a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us by [email protected].

We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to meeting you at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2024!

Guangzhou international lighting fair 2024 Lipal lighting booth 10.3 C30
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