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SONO: Weaving Tranquility, Lighting Up a New Chapter in Green Offices

Over 100 billion pieces of clothing are produced in the world every year. With the increasing per capita consumption of fibers, a large number of waste textiles immediately generated.

Year after year, we consume a big number of nonrenewable materials, but only a small fraction of them are recycled and reused, while the vast majority of old garments are wasted, landfilled, or burnt, putting a significant strain on the Earth’s ecosystem.

Lipal SONO acoustic panel lighting

According to research studies, recycling 1 kg of discarded textiles can save 3.6 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, 6,000 liters of water, and 0.3 kg of fertilizer and 0.2 kg of pesticides. Recycling discarded textiles not only improves resource utilization efficiency and addresses the issue of textile raw material scarcity, but it also saves land resources, reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and protects the environment.

recycleable material made lighting factory Lipal lighting

China, the world’s top textile producer and exporter, has a wealth of material resources, with textile fiber processing accounting for more than half of the global total.

Environmental Protection Concept: Recycling

Lipal’s innovative SONO luminaires are created from recovered waste textiles. An unique technology transforms these previously abandoned materials into ecologically friendly luminaires with exceptional sound absorption. The panels are made from recycled waste textiles that have been cleaned, fibered, and then mixed and molded, a process that converts discarded clothing and leftovers into a useful sound-absorbing substrate, and the panels at the end of the luminaire’s service life are 100% recyclable. The new SONO series will be a fresh take on Lipal’s future recyclable luminaire range.

Lamps lighting made from recycled textiles Lipal LIghting factory
Lipal recycleable lighting SONO acoustic range 1
Factory that produces lamps lights from recycled textiles Lipal lighting 1

The SONO series is a revolution in architecture, particularly in the area of lighting ceilings. There is no longer a need for a second ceiling because SONO can function as a ceiling, sound absorber, and luminaire.

Recyclable textile produced acoustic panel luminaires LIPAL SONO range
Recyclable textile produced acoustic panel office lighting LIPAL SONO range

Noise-absorbing aesthetics for peaceful spaces

The well-designed SONO luminaires not only fit into the office environment with their exquisite appearance, but they also contribute to a more focused and productive working environment by successfully decreasing noise interference through their exceptional sound absorption capabilities.

Recyclable textile produced acoustic noise absorb panel luminaires of the LIPAL SONO range 1

Lipal’s mission is to provide a non-polluting, sustainable lighting solution, and the SONO series is more than just a luminaire; it is an eco-friendly solution. We recognize that every invention represents a responsible step towards the future. As a result, our R&D team will devote 75% of our future R&D costs to continuously exploring the use of environmentally friendly materials, ensuring that every luminaire, from production to use and eventual recycling, has the least environmental impact possible and leads the lighting industry toward a greener future.

Recycleable material lighting factory Lipal Lighting

From June 9 to 12, the SONO series will be on exhibit at Lipal booth 10.3-C30 at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, as well as in a fresh new showroom at our factory. Make an appointment with our team now for an exploring tour of our green lighting manufacturing!

Guangzhou international lighting fair 2024 Lipal lighting booth 10.3 C30
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