MH Side-Mounted


In 2015, Lipal launched version 1.0 of this lighting system; the MH name derives from manual machinery, a very graphic and cool expression.

Where there’s a retail business, there’s an MH, and Lipal’s MH is a big hit in commercial spaces thanks to its subtle side-mounting.

The adjustable arm allows the light to be moved freely and the light to be concealed in the head, making the space cleaner and more uncluttered without overpowering it.

More possibilities with MH

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From MH 1.0 to MH 3.0

From the customer’s first rough idea, the Lipal team starts to communicate the product solution and designs the first version of the MH product sketch.

Combined with the customer’s feedback, we refine the sketches and then proceed with the prototype. The prototype was then installed and the product design was adjusted again after we had found areas for optimization in the installation.

In 2015, our first MH for brand shops was launched and received unanimous praise from our customers, and on this basis, we have not stopped upgrading the product to today’s 3.0.

How MH was born

MH 1,0- MH2.0

The always-upgrading MH

Together for MH4.0, 5.0

The perfect Solution for every space

MH Range

Code Power Flux(lm) Beam Angle CRI CCT Dimension Installation
MH50 10W 737 15°/24°/36° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K Φ55*93 by screw
MH65 20W 1669 15°/24°/36° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K Φ62.5*115 by screw
MH65-33 20W 1669 15°/24°/36° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K Φ62.5*115 by magnet
MH65-100 20W 1669 15°/24°/36° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K Φ62.5*115 by magnet
MH70 15W 1142 15°/24°/36° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K Φ65*110 by screw
MH70H 25W 2149 15°/24°/36° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K Φ70.5*120 by screw
MH80 30W 2548 15°/24°/36° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K Φ80*132.5 by screw

Fixture installation

More possibilities for MH

The MH range has always been a popular product for Lipal and used in high-end shops such as Armani, Zwilling, Channel, etc.

We welcome you to upgrade MH. With us again!