LM40 24V China First Magnetic


Born in 2015, LM40 is Lipal’s first magnetic lighting system, we introduced this product to the world at the 2016 GuangZhou International Lighting Fair, and its easy installation, flexible movement, and safe low-voltage features attracted the attention of the whole audience, named after the width of the track, LM40 is a true pioneer of magnetic lighting in China.Guangzhou

pieces LM40 tracks and more luminaries were shipped worldwide until today

On the LM40, Lipal was the first to develop the same track with a full range of luminaires, adapted to surface/recessed/suspension installation was also welcomed by the public at this time.

From 2016 to date,nearly 10,0000M track sales is not a particularly large number, but it is the result of Lipal team’s innovation and collaboration.

The birth of LM40 also inspired us to develop subsequent magnetic lighting system such as  LM25, Multisystem, and Micro system.

Continuous Upgrade Version

From 6 years ago to today, although we have developed other magnetic lighting systems one after another, whether it is linear installation or circular installation, Lipal has not stopped the continuous development of LM40.

Combined with the lighting application requirements, structure, design, and installation methods, we also look forward to receiving your development needs.

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LM40 Range

3 Installations

LM40 supports Surface/ Recessed/ Suspension mounting with the same rail and appropriate accessories.

Flexible Connection​

The track supports flexible installation and splicing through different connection accessories.

Widely Application

Whether it’s a commercial, office, or residential space, LM40 works!