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Lipal residential lighting for Starbucks Flag Shop

This is Starbucks’ largest flagship store in China, located in Beijing, with an interior design that combines modern architecture with traditional Beijing charm. The entire store is colored in coffee brown and brass, and the entire space is filled with wood slat elements. Lighting is also one of the design highlights in the overall design of the store. For example, in addition to separating areas through different tables and chairs, they can also be separated by bright lights and shadows to create a better user experience.

1 Lipal produce professional lightin for Starbucks

The ambiance in a bar or restaurant is also determined by the lighting. Applying the right restaurant lighting is an art. Based on the chain nature and brand effect of Starbucks, Lipal designed the lighting of the store so that it forms a distinct lighting design style.

On the second floor-Teavana we use spotlighting above the tea tasting space, and the location of the light source is very well thought out. The distance between each light is well measured, so there will be shadow areas and bright areas, you can find that no matter which direction you sit, the light will not shine directly on your face, so you have an uncomfortable feeling.

2 Discover more lighting possibilities with Lipal

On the third floor is the wine and specialty drinks area, with the drinking scene, the linear lights starting gradually turn dark from the stairs to the third-floor area.

3 Warm light for Starbucks

Lipal produces and provides professional commercial lighting for interior spaces, interpreting the never-ending art of lighting and providing customers with a full range of lighting solutions.

4 Lipal downlight for starbucks
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