Lighting Systems in Lipal

48V Spacewalk System

We are proud to introduce spacewalk into the lighting design.

In this collection, you have the flexibility to choose between vertical or horizontal illumination and can stop anywhere and illuminate any direction according to your purpose.

We will have more designs to enrich this lighting system, suitable for offices, hotels, retail stores, and residential lighting.

DC 48V is safe for all human beings.

Spacewalk System in Lipal

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24V Magnet lighting System LM40/LM25

Magnetic track lighting has been upgraded several times from our first version in 2015 to today.

Supporting different connection and installation methods, different dimensions, a variety of connection ways of matching connections, and luminaire types, always ready for any change in your lighting demand.

 With Acoustic Panel options for a flexible and quiet solution.

Magnet Lighting system in Lipal(40mm/25mm)

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48V Multi system

Lipal Multisystem contains 10 types of magnetic tracks and supports DC48V—even more freestyle for different lighting requirements; Supports DALI, Tunable white, and 0-10V dimmable optional. The whole range of fixtures can be matched with different tracks to reduce your inventory costs.

Horizontal rotation lighting fixtures for your lighting preference. Up-Down double illuminating and round track design first comes into this application.

Lipal Multi System

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48V Multio Track System

Multio system comes from the sixth track of Lipal Multisystem. Its classic and minimalist industrial design deserves a grand introduction. To help you realize all your unique ideas about the space, the round and curved linear track also helps to make it possible.

With DALI, Tunable white and 0-10V dimmable optional, tracks adapted to the full range of Multisystem fixtures, reducing customer inventory costs.

Start DIYing any lighting fixture to express your unique lighting ideas with Multio now!

48V Micro System

The entire Micro Collection presents elegance—the whole system with DC48V magnet quick installation.

The 11mm inner width of the track is suitable for use in more specific scenarios to illuminate delicate products.

The 3 tracks can be used flexibly with any full-range fixtures.

Micro System in Lipal

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MH side-mount track system

In 2015, Lipal launched version1.0 of this lighting system; the MH name derives from manual machinery, a very graphic and cool expression. 

The light fixture and the track are hidden behind the ceiling. A robotic arm is used to flexibly adjust the position of the light, creating the effect of seeing the light without the fixture, making the whole space cleaner and tidier. 

The MH range has always been a popular product for Lipal and used in high-end shops such as Armani, Zwilling, Channel, etc. 

In the following years, we have worked with our customers to upgrade the details of our products, extending the current range to include two sets of products ranging from small to large power, with screw fixing and magnetic mounting; we welcome you to upgrade MH with us again!

SMH Side Mounted Track System in Lipal

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For aesthetics and greater ease of use

Thanks to years of experience in lighting projects, ease of use and the product’s aesthetics were the guiding principles of our development.

Why not work with Lipal to create the new lighting system that inspires you?

We have the capacity to develop and understand your lighting needs; share with us your ideas; let’s do it together and make it comes true.

Lighting System Inspirations