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Lipal retail lighting for DIESEL

Italian brand DIESEL is known for its jeans as the main product in the global high-end consumer market and has achieved the status of “King of Denim” with 40 years of history, becoming the object of study for many denim casual brands. In terms of store visual marketing, DIESEL is good at achieving wonderful terminal images by theme.

1 Lipal retail lighting for Diesel

As the lighting supplier for DIESEL’s new image stores, Lipal provided customized lighting design and project management services and played an important role in the overall layout of the stores.

The store uses a large number of white track lights to fully integrate with the industrial style ceiling, and the size of the spotlight electrical box matches the size of the track, optimizing the impact of the track and the lamps on the overall ceiling to the greatest extent, and the design concept of no main decorative lights also fits with the refreshing and bright summer product style, and the simple installation method of plug-and-play can also better match the details of the lamps on display.

2 Lipal white track light for Diesel shop

The new seasonal models at the entrance are the best visual sales space. The display table in the center of the area provides seasonal items such as T-shirts and baseball caps that match with jeans, and above the board, the wall is the key display area of the area, so does the key lighting, with models as the display carrier to provide a richer selection of styles and sizes.

3 Lipal key lighting for key display aera

The backside of the store is all the theme area for displaying DIESEL DENIM goods, perfectly shows its importance with our lighting. The display combination of models and small DIESEL-shaped creative sofa in the center of the store is also another key area of the entire store.

l1 Lipal retail lighting for Diesel shop

More and more brands are creating an immersive shopping experience full of themes and experiences to shape their own brand personality and values.

Check with Lipal for your next lighting solution.

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