Lipal Boxie

Inspired by our regular square downlight, the Boxie is now a carefully designed trimless grille downlight family, from one to three heads, with 25W, 2*25W, and 3*35W power to meet the lighting needs of different spaces.
The most noteworthy part of our product development story is still the ease of installation and dismantling as the central design concept; we have put a lot of effort into the fixture structure; this is the satisfactory version of Boxie developed by the Lipal team after many discussions and design improvements, making it easier to install new lights or repairs, while deeper embedded LEDs reduce glare for the entire space, best-presenting light while avoiding glare discomfort.

boxie Range

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Code Power Flux Beam Angle CRI CCT Cut-out(mm) Net Weight
L20401 25W 2000lm 15°/24°/36° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K 106*106 0.8KG
L20402 2*25W 4000lm 15°/24°/36° Ra80/Ra90 2700K-6000K 186*106 1.4KG

Quick and flexible installation

With Boxie, you only need one second to install and uninstall the light head, which is no exaggeration; we have set the clip-key press card on both sides of the light for quick installation. To remove it, simply rotate the head counter-clockwise; the key touch the tabs on the body and retracts, quickly pulling the light out from under the ceiling.

Boxie Application

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For Italian brand Valentino: Boxie series trimless grille downlight by Lipal

At the end of June, the new shop of the famous Italian brand Valentino was grandly opened, and Lipal, as a lighting supplier, had the privilege to participate in this event. From European court nobility, celebrities’ high fashion ready-to-wear brand Valentino, with its exquisite quality and perfect presentation of the whole and every tiny detail, slowly came to the public view, representing imagination and elegance, modernity, and eternal beauty. With Valentino’s recent simple and atmospheric design characteristics, Lipal used the Boxie grille downlight series in the choice of luminaires; the overall rimless design makes the whole ceiling and the space environment cleaner and tidies after install the fixtures. The Boxie is a new series of one / two / three

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Install the Boxie in any location!

The Boxie can be used in many scenarios, whether retail/ architectural/ office or public space, where the timeless mounting makes the whole interior design cleaner and uncluttered.

As a lighting OEM manufacturer, our luminaires are available in multiple configurations, from chips to drivers.

As for optical accessories, you can also flexibly match Honeycomb or Stripe to create different lighting environments.

Lipal Boxie series