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Armani Jeans

Armani Jeans is a denim-based brand of Giorgio Armani, founded in Milan in 1975 by fashion designer Giorgio Armani, which is also the largest selling European designer brand in the United States.

1 Lipal commercial lighting for Armani Jeans

Targeted consumer groups are mainly young and fashionable trendy people, its design style in the inheritance of Giorgio Armani’s simple and noble at the same time, highlighting an atmospheric dash of casual style, seeking to self and personality independence in the complicated urban life, we also fit the brand’s own positioning in the application of lighting, using our commercial lightings to better interpret the brand concept.

2 Lipal lighting from amarni Jean

The overall style of the store lighting we present a comfortable and bright, not muddy, more suitable for the aesthetics of the brand’s consumer groups.

We used Lipal side mounted track lights series, with a similar linear light slot above the ceiling. The characteristic of this series is to hide the lamps better while perfectly reflecting the effect of light, the collision of point and line in the light is another cool presentation.

3 Lipal track light for AJ

Today we have upgraded this side-mounted track light with more lighting project experience, contact us to test the full range of samples to meet your next lighting project!

4 Lipal side mounted lightings
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